Steve Wilks Previews Strong Rams Offense for Week 3 Matchup | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steve Wilks Previews Strong Rams Offense for Week 3 Matchup | Browns Press Conference

Defensive Coordinator Steve Wilks addressed the media on September 19, 2019. Steve discusses Myles Garrett leading the NFL in sacks, what he wants to see his defense improve on and preparing for the Los Angeles Rams.

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Gary Crook Reply

Defense played lights out, you’d think they lost by the sound of these questions;
these reporters sound like a 3rd grade school teacher.
I’m interested in Wilks’ assessment of the Rams, but right after that they could just skip the questions altogether.
They add nothing to the game of football, I had to stop watching…..
Go Browns!

    McScott76 Reply

    Agreed. Everyone keeps talking about how the Browns “barely” beat a team with a 3rd string QB. That’s not what I saw. I actually saw a very effective QB in Falk who showed why he holds a bunch of college records in the Pac-12. He challenged us with great throws, and the Browns D rose to the challenge. It would have been very easy to be caught on our heals after dominating the starting QB. But Falk is the real deal, and I think just as good as their regular starter. With the exception of a couple of uncharacteristic errors by Ward, I was really happy with how the defense played.

    chickenfishhybrid44 Reply

    @McScott76Agree. I was pretty impressed with Falks performance. As a WSU fan it was cool to see him play. Eveb cooler for the Browns to win though.

Tom Hawley Reply

Browns media is a joke…

    EnLighten Joe Reply


Airam Mitchell Reply

I really wish someone would find out what is going on with Genard Avery

    Jack Benton Reply

    Exactly…wtf is going on with him? He was awesome last year and he looked fantastic in the preseason this year…yet he hasn’t even been on the active roster ONCE this season. I have a hard time understanding why a player who played as well as he did wouldn’t even get a CHANCE to get on the field in a regular season game. There has to be something else going on that we aren’t aware of. If he isn’t on the field this Sunday (because Kirksey will be out with an injury), then IMO this is something non-football related…some kind of disciplinary issue or something like that.

    Airam Mitchell Reply

    @Jack Benton I’d guess its cause Chad Thomas. Even though he’s bad. He plays special teams while Avery doesn’t. However they’re still mismanaging Avery however

Leroy Xiong Reply

I trust Myles Garret and Olivia Vernon will push a lot more pressure on Jerry Golf sacks and Coach Wilks will puts Denzel Ward and Greedy William for left and right field CB

Xoete X Reply

he looks like an older Jameis Winston lol

No Name Reply

olivia vernon needs to work on his speed he could have had two sacks week 1 and 1 of those 2 almost was a safty

John Connor Reply

Wilson and Takitaki in the nickel please. Shoe-burnt no thanks.

Wheelman 123 Reply

Browns defensive line looks killer. Just need better defensive back play

Wheelman 123 Reply

Myles sacks are bigger than just sacks. It also scares the crap out of the qb for the entire game. Myles has 5 sacks in 2 games…..other then the penaltys hes been the best player in the league easily. 5 sacks in 2 games is nuts

Jay S Reply

This team is not gd yet. Too missed tackles too times having a ball carrier or qb dead to rights and they cant make a play. Lbs still cant stop screens or short crossing routes

Pmelon Reply

Wilks got Jobbed in Arizona after 1 season. The bs cycle continues. How is Shurmer still coaching the NYG?

mike jackson Reply

LMAO.. 42-13 🐏

mike jackson Reply

Goff will be donating 4k to california strong! 💪

Vaughn A Reply

At this point, I feel the defense was much better last year. Shocking since on paper the defense should be better this year. I guess we will find out Sunday.

abdul smith Reply

Steve wilkes, I’m not satisfied with none of the 11, well alright no joke mentality!!!!

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