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Jumpshot22 Dog Pound Nation

I really like Steve wilks.. He know how’s to make adjustments when need..Good Coach

Trippy Grey

The only coach who seems to know what he’s doing.

    Brian Tan

    @George Bumgardner the air raid bullshit is a monken wrinkle. it doesnt mesh well with baker at all


    @Brian Tan Only because we don’t have the blocking to let those plays together. Baker with time would shredd anyone.

    Mel Bea

    Mike Pfieffer not shabby too. That’s the issue. We have two OCs! Talk about accountability!


    Yea that’s why the cards got rid of him in 5 min ??? 2 lbs defense ??? Geez


    @#TEAM TRUMP The Cardinals are garbage. They did him a favor. Bellichek couldn’t help those bums.

Jeff M


    A W

    Rip Lamar’s head off and take his shoes

    wael yahyasson

    We need better protection for Mayfield like last year. This way he will have more time to throw accurately.

Mel Bea

Nothing to pick on here. Wilks seems to be a better coach to this kind of collective talent.

theGod black

Peace, I think money mitch should be starting, imo & Sheldon Richardson was an amazing pick up in the offense. This guy plugs the middle & RUNS after a ball carrier if they slip through. Amazing for a guy of his size. Offense has to pick it up. D can’t keep playing twice as much cause we can’t move the ball enough to get a field goal. Peace.

    Brian Tan

    love money mitch, but greedy played well in his 2 starts


    Wish we woulda never traded for Vernon though. I’d rather have kevin back to protect Baker. You forget we have Vernon he’s such a non factor.

    theGod black

    @XmenAvenger23 Peace, I feel it. I see Vernon doing alot he doesn’t get credit for. I see him pushing the pocket & collapsing it often. It depends on how the play is drawn up. He usually pushes past the qb & drives back into pocket. Peace


You better not run Cover 0 lol We’ll get killeeeeed by Hollywoooooood

    Brian Tan

    depends if denzel is back or not

Gary Crook

Really glad Wilks is having success – solid coach.
Too bad the offense isn’t going to show up,
Go Browns!


You can’t blame the Browns defense in the rams game, the Browns defense played lights out

Willie Johnson

Freddy. You better tighten up your game because Wilks and Monken are breathing down your neck. In fact they may be auditioning for a HC elsewhere. Browns are going to have some tough decisions next season when it comes to their coaches.

Ed Dontes

What a game plan he put together against the Rams! This week he’ll focus on outside contain and backside integrity, because the Ravens love to flow frontside and the play is weak side. So we must be solid by staying home and doing OUR jobs. Force this Jackson guy to throw to beat us. If we can force him to throw, we win easily… GO BROWNS!

James Walton

Containment, defensive ends staying at home

Mike Muffler

Steve and the Defense did a great job last week.
We just need our offense to click and help our Defense out / give them a break / score points (touchdowns not field goals).

Norma Montague

Steve Wilks is smart and has a good game plan. He has great player to coach this year.


With 2 lbs??? Good luck I see 400 yard day

Mel Bea

Keep the Ravens scoreless. Go Browns!

abdul smith

Thanks Steve Wilkes as a Browns fan are defense is what’s holding are team together. It takes a whole team to be a winner. Offense get it together

3rd Eye Funk Nation

We Need 53 to stay alert… Shoot up in there!!!Come on Joe!!! K9’em!!!

Becky Chuck

I really hope that we have learned to have the Defensive End attack the QB on Play Action and Roll Out Plays

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