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Can’t wait for Monday

Ohio Biker

We need to get rid of Ward and send a message to Greedy. Hammy’s are 99% stretching problem..You be the judge. I think they are waiting until our schedule is a little easier. Seen these players around the league since the 70’s..Injured all the time collecting pay checks.


    I would try to trade him to Jacksonville for Jalen Ramsey

    Ohio Biker

    @terrell petty Is he?? Where is he at.. The bench.. Same as last year. He’s made of glass.. Everyone in Browns land knows this.

    Keith Barkley

    Ohio Biker yeah that would be really smart to get rid of a pro bowl cornerback!! I would rather have him out for a couple games then make him play hurt and lose him for the season 🤬🤬

    Ohio Biker

    @Keith Barkley you obviously don’t understand the NFL.The kid can’t tackle and we play a Zone. So both of our man to man CB’s have the same so called injury. Ward will NEVER play a full it.. He is glass..Even his coaches yell at him..I was at the practices i know.. He can’t play zone or tackle

abdul smith

Steve Wilkes cmon I click…….🏈

abdul smith

Jarvis Landry just cleared concussion protocol, Yeaaaaaaah let’s go Dawgs!!!

    Juan Cindy

    Lol Ure crazy why would u wish that to enyone

    Mr Clamp

    @Carlos Gonzalez you typing like you have a concussion….😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Leroy Xiong

Coach wilks should play Mack Wilson and Sione Takitaki for rotation for speed and pressure the Niners offense

RZFL Sports

Lock down Kittle


49ers #1


See yall monday!!!

Charles Beetem

Arizona firing this guy after 1 year is insane

Sean Jay

49ers win they stop the run and make Baker throw it 50 times with 2 interceptions

    Mario Hartson

    @Moses Valle he’s only been in the leauge that long. THIS YEAR he’s more explosive than anybody the Niners have on offense. End of story. The Niners wouldn’t be 3-0 if they played the Ravens and Rams this year 😁

    Mario Hartson

    @Sean Jay Chubb isn’t only a threat running though. I expect to see a few screen passes to him also. The 88 yard TD last week was a toss play. The Browns aren’t going to just run him up the middle like idiots 🤣

    Mario Hartson

    @Manny Jimenez Go ask Ravens fans if he had just one good play. They’ll tell you that he’s BEAST, cause he is.

    Moses Valle

    @Mario Hartson you guys played the titans and got demolished. Y’all are not him a hang. I front seven is better than any of the teams y’all played this year. You guys won’t have any success. And that a why niners are in second place with TWO udfa in rushing. You make a lot of sense

    Moses Valle

    @Mario Hartson we played the buccs ego are first in run defense and we torched them. We gonna do the same to y’all sorry asses

Trevion Mckelton

God of war voice actor steve wilks

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