Steve Wilks on Battered & Bruised Jets Offense | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Memyself Here

Baker Mayfield the GOAT will throw 12 touchdowns and have 7000 yards passing… HOF

    Davyon Swift


    Memyself Here

    @Davyon Swift Havent you heard? Baker is the second coming. He turns water into wine.

James Cunningham

Get after ’em Coach Wilks!

DaPiggy Lover

sick shirt

Jason Street

I think its coming full circle.. beating the Jets last year to get this thing going, and playing them this week hopefully getting this thing going again.. we will see on monday.

Hillary Mantelli

34-10 Browns, c’mon boys lets show up on the national stage!!

Arnold Davis

Cleveland is battered and bruised from there high school football performance last week


“Battered and Bruised Jets Offense.” A phrase that spells doom for the Browns.

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