Steve Wilks Disappointed By Defensive Performance vs. 49ers | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steve Wilks Disappointed By Defensive Performance vs. 49ers | Cleveland Browns

addressed the media on October 10, 2019 getting back to what the , stopping 's , and .

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Nick B

Need our dawgpound back!

    Nick j

    @Tr Tr stop😂

    Tr Tr

    @Nick j who your team nick 😁🙄

    Nick j

    @Tr Tr the empire

    Tr Tr

    @Nick j what team is that 🤔

    Nick j

    @Tr Tr 49er empire


That opening run….ouch. Then the rest of the game, super ouch.


I like Steve wills. he’s honest and brutally honest. I’m tired of hearing “we need to do our job”.

Joe Major

Another long winded question for a simple self evident answer…what uselessness in fake sports journalists

Joe Major

No it wasn’t Mary Kay. Steve is being polite to you.
How do you defend that play???
You don’t dummy.
Perfect execution.
Proof again of MKC real job is waiting as a hostess at Applebees

Leroy Xiong

No more excuses and getting pay for gets nothing done better or the Owner will step in clean up the messy for better team management and coach staffs

Common Sense

Appreciate the accountability.


Well said Steve. Well said.

Norma Montague

Better days are ahead. If Browns played the 9ers again, the results would be different…keep working at it…


    Really? And by what intel do you have that would suggest your analysis is correct? Are you trying to say that is was a close game, and if just one or two things would have been different, we could have won that game? Come on. This is the NFL and these are professional athletes, they don’t need some cheerleader to tell them it’s going to be okay…because it’s not. The Browns were outplayed in every facet of the game by a far superior team who wanted to crush the Browns on national TV. The Browns need the cold hard truth, not some fairy tale to soften the blow. They need the head coach telling them to their face that if we played that game again, we’d get the same results….UNLESS some dramatic changes are made fast. Otherwise…..I’ll say it here…..It’s just the same old Browns.

Arnold Davis

Cleveland browns was a embarrassment to Cleveland and your fired

Jason Wilhite

Still the best team in the north. Even at 7-9, or 8-8, we will win the division and host a playoff game. Successful season.

Rody Cody

Play Avery… Olivier vernon has done nothing for the team…

mike mikovich

steve wilks is a great coach just a bad day


I think Steve is an amazing coach tbh some of these plays were called perfectly but executed horribly by the D


Short Answer: 49ers AFFECTED the Browns display on the field! They’ll be back on point next week


It should be noted that last week was Monday Night in the West Coast. The question is, how did the Browns prepare to be up to speed given the rather dramatic time shift. Were they well rested? Did they deal with any jet lag and have the proper nutrition at the right time. The fact is, when the team looks slow on the field, given this situation, did the coaching staff plan properly and were the players held accountable for not going out for a few drinks the night before. I only say this given the Brown’s history ie., Johnny Manziel going to parties the night before a game.

 The Browns have a long history of not seeming disciplined on and off the field. That is a coaching issue. Now, who’s going to ask the HARD questions. Questions about angle of attack on the field, and defensive schemes from these reporters make me yawn. Ask them (tell them) that Browns looked fat, slow, and lazy. It all starts with the head coach. Freddie, lay off that second piece of pizza, hit the weight room Freddie, and lead from the front. I can’t stand looking at a fat NFL head coach as an example to his men. Now…who’s going to say that!

Michael Hart

Freddie take a page out of Wilks book and keep it real. Ofcourse you don’t got to tell the media you didn’t have the guys prepared to play on Monday night but say alittle more than “we need to be better” cause that’s obvious as hell.

Angel Black Worldwide

The opening question was everything.. Re-invent the wheel 4-2-5. We were not playing a college offense we were playing a smash-mouth old school style of team in the Niners

Angel Black Worldwide

This team must play a good game Sunday if they lay another egg .. Heads will begin to roll on the Bye week.

Mark Bowman

I wish we had that problem on offensive line that we have with The DBs coming back—season might look a lot different

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