Steve Spagnuolo: “We need to get them out there and get rolling.” | Press Conference 10/20 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Benjamin Wachold

Stop the run 🏃‍♀️, fix the run defense, Single-terry absolutely shredded the D line so they need to play better. The pass rush needs to be faster considering how fast 💨 these QBs get the ball 🏈 out of their hands 🙌. Tom Brady gets the ball 🏈 out of his hands 🙌 in 2.02 seconds just for context for how fast 💨 the pass rush should be in my opinion but reality might be different but it needs to be pretty quick in my mind. Trading for Brian Burns on the Carolina Panthers or Josh Allen from the Jacksonville Jaguars over the bye week or however it happens would help the pass rush and enable you to get pressure with four and protect the secondary. These two men are young and could help win games right now.

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