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C Jones

Pay Zeke

    Jim Hollywood

    Who do you not pay then? Dak? Amari? LVE?

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Jim Hollywood or Jones and Collins

Rich Muttsmusic

What people are overlooking Dak Is the one who is causing all this drama with his outrageous demands.

He is a 25 mil per year qb.

    Cliffm M

    He’s a starting qb and the market is set u can’t pay him less than that. Plus he’s gonna take off this year now the he actually has receivers to throw to and isn’t going to be predictable like he was under Scott linehan

    Jim Hollywood

    One thing to realize is that it was Zeke who opted for the 3.8 million a year in his rookie contract. Dak is making 4th round money. That said 30 million is plenty for Dak and I think he should not be asking for ego money. It would be smart for him to take 30 and have players around him. The only reason to push for more is that he is not confident in himself. He figures he has to make the big score now. Wait. 30 mill a year is a big score.

    Cliffm M

    I’m sure his agent made that decision. The franchise tag is 30 million and it’s really gonna be 40 million if they don’t get it over with. Wouldve been like half that if they did it 2 years ago

    Rich Muttsmusic

    Cliffm M listen I understand your reasoning, but to say you “can’t” pay him less than that due to a set market it not true. Dak could play for free is he wanted too.

    Listen I’m a Dallas supporter for over 25 years, Dak is good but he doesn’t make players around him better as far as gameplay. Leadership qualities, YES, But throwing the football NO.

    Let’s not act like Dak doesn’t have a loaded roster (primarily at tailback and O line). An top QB with that combo can work wonders with that.

    Rich Muttsmusic

    Jim Hollywood I agree with you. Let’s not forget that Dak makes 10 mil in his 12 nationally syndicated television commercials. I say 25-28 mil per year and being the qb for Dallas is more than enough.

    Let him go to cincy, Miami or buffalo and see if what’s that’s like.

Donnie Bay

Trade zeke im sick of him go cowboys

Cliffm M

Wait til week 4 and see if u still want to trade zeke

    Jim Hollywood

    Maybe they will want to trade Zeke and draft a QB next year.

Vincent Sample

Way too Early Cowboy Depth Chart ( 4 / 1 / 19 )

24 on Offense:

2 Quarterbacks:
Dak, Rush
White (ps)

4 Runningbacks:
Zek, Weber, Pollard(wr), Olawale(fb)
Jackson (ps)

6 Wide Outs:
Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Wilson, Austin, ( Smith or Brown or Johnson )
Guyton (ps)

3-4 Tightends:
Witten, Jarwin, Shultz, (Rico)
McElroy (ps)

9-8 O-Line:
Smith / Flemming (st)
Williams / McGovern (g/c)
Freddrick / (Looney) (c/g)
Martin / Sua’Fila
Collins / Williams (t/g)

Mitch Hyatt (ps)
Brandon Knight (ps) now (IR)

    Vincent Sample

    Defensive Depth Chart: 26

    5 Defensive Tackle:
    (1-Tec) Covington / Woods
    (3-Tec) Crawford / Collins / Hill (1/3)
    Wise and Walker (ps)

    5 Defensive End:
    (LE) Lawrence / Hyder / Armstrong or Jackson
    (RE) Quinn / Taco / [ Gregory ] (sp)
    Jelk and Jackson (2 ps)

    6 Linebackers:
    Smith, LVE, Lee, Thomas, Gifford, Covington,
    FA (ps)

    6 Cornerbacks:
    Awusie, Jones, Brown, Lewis, MJ, Olumba

    4 Safties:
    Woods, Heath, Wilson, Thompson

Hardyboy Dior

If any of y’all were in zeke’s shoes y’all would do the exact same thing shut up. Pay zeke

    Travis Abadie

    @Hardyboy Dior gurley had more yards from scrimmage and more TDS

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Hardyboy Dior dumbass, one more off the field temper tantrum and he’s suspended for a year

    Hardyboy Dior

    Lava LifeGuard y’all “cowboys” fans are ridiculous. zeke ain’t punching bitches he ain’t getting in no bar fights… all his issue over hyped even the NFL investigating team suggested no suspension… clearly roger ohhwell was after Jerry Jones and the Dallas cowboys.

Thomas Lee

Listen fellas get on the horn get you doing what you do put it down what you got to do okay y’all are bosses bosses and buses okay get on the phone make it happen quit whining don’t make no more excuses put the man on the field product and productivity is what your business is the state does she want to be successful you want to get it on put the men on the field

    Lava LifeGuard

    Go take a refresher course in 3rd grade grammar, horsefly!

Skeptical Fan

Cut white,brown.

Skeptical Fan

MCGOVERN is useless

    Donna Blanton

    Ahh, you would be too if you’re chest was broken…dang

Skeptical Fan

Stephen Jones is the best.

David Ramirez

Stephen Jones sounds pretty good. I think He’s ready to take over the Cowboys.

Edwin Singleton


Kaptain KoRn

One way or another, Zeke isin’t going anywhere. Zeke will get his deal at some point regardless of which side bends back first.

Chris Johnson

Good defense, Good O Line play, good decision by Dak…. and we’ll be fine. With or without Zeke. We’ve had Zeke for 3 seasons, and haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, so lets not be too insane, and try something different for the first few games.

Lava LifeGuard

All of you morons that are saying pay Zeke, will be the same morons that will be whining when he gets suspended for a year when he gets his next off field altercation.

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