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Lee already hurt? Business as usual

    Jimmy Hernandez

    Darrell Yates
    He knowledge on the field helps the younger cats in making their game better plus, he will make a good coach later.


    Jimmy Hernandez just read he tweaked his knee yesterday but it doesn’t look serious, so most likely we won’t be seeing him much until week 1

    Jimmy Hernandez

    His knowledge of the game will still be useful and appreciated. Blue and Silver Nation will stay STRONG.

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Mister Yep and you can’t do anything about it so quit whining


    Kamryn Vanatta it’s called a joke, troll. Get a life

Geno Bourn

Ol’ Stephen learning very well from his Daddy how to fu*k up a team!

taco meat

My dude Stephen.

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