Stefon Diggs POPS OFF for 167 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Stefon Diggs POPS OFF for 167 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

Stefon Diggs steals the show in Minnesota with 167 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Siryo and O-dawg Reply

He did amazing!!!!

Nate Yellin Reply

My favorite Diggs moment today was at 1:02 where he recorded an Eagles safety😂😂

    FakeUser NameTwo Reply

    I know no one expected that back to back long td grab.

    mrbill806 Reply

    Wtf lol

    Alex The Great Reply


DCloading Reply

Started him in fanasty, never doubted him 😎

    Zach Hynd Reply

    DCloading I did too! 🤘🏽 He popped the cork on this game 💥

    Ryan I. Reply

    @Zach Hynd wow so cool……

    J Peezie Reply

    I started him when everyone told me to drop him😌🤙

    Ryan I. Reply

    @J Peezie I’m proud of you my child

    J Peezie Reply

    Ryan I. You ought to be. I make you look good

Samuel Stensgaard Reply

This should keep him happy and on the Vikings for a while

    isaiah ponder Reply

    DH K cmon fam, he had every right to be pissed off with those numbers Kirk was putting up plus not throwing or even looking his way. He may have said it was about losses and nots about his role but I don’t think anyone buys that.

    J Peezie Reply

    About damn time. They need to keep doing this, as you can see it resulted in a Win

    DH K Reply

    @isaiah ponder I meant play wise dude

    isaiah ponder Reply

    DH K ahh I feel you, my bad

    aaron berhane Reply

    isaiah ponder exactly


yeah he’s staying in minnesota


    BananaBro967 nah Dalvin better

    Gale Hess Reply

    BRUH, Saquon is an RB in the league But yeah, the vikes look skol

    BananaBro967 Reply

    DANIELLE HUNTER #99 nah cmc better

    Cannayy Reply

    @BananaBro967 Cmc and cook are the same I would say, but the vikings just have a better passing game so we pass a lot more than the panthers therefore they’re bound to have more rushing yard and TDs

Zach Hynd Reply

I thought about benching him on fantasy but I was gutsy and started him today…I know I’ve already won this week just because of him 💥

    real 93 Reply

    I benched him … i should’ve went with my gut!

    Ryan I. Reply

    @real 93 Disappointed in you.

    real 93 Reply

    @Ryan I. lol i hear you on that … i was starting him all season he got me nothin …the one week i sit him (knowing philly has shitty pass coverage) he explodes!

    Needy4Speed Reply

    Smart move some people benched him 😂

    Andrew Tam Reply

    Andrew Smith same bro 😭

Robby Is A Human Being Reply

I literally just traded him in dynasty…
(dont worry it was him and a seocnd for deandre)

    heelp Reply

    @t3padgett fantasy but year round and you keep all your players. You draft rookies every year. You can trade your draft picks aswell. Basically like actual nfl.

    Evan Reply

    heelp how big is a dynasty roster?

    heelp Reply

    @Evan 24+ is standard i think

    Robby Is A Human Being Reply

    heelp oh we play 18 roster spots

    heelp Reply

    @Robby Is A Human Being yah thats a bit low. About the same size has a regular redraft league, what most leagues are. Larger rosters allow for you to hold more talent till their time come, which is the case for most rookies that you draft. Id personally advocate for more but if your league likes it then its fine.

Stupidime Maximum Reply

The one week I take him off my roster.

    Jay C Reply

    Stupidime Maximum he was in my flex this game was my last straw lol

    Justin Credible Reply

    Stupidime Maximum yeah, you should’ve been aware of this. I knew he was gonna pop off because the match was there. The eagles have good pass defence and excellent run defence but only against slot receivers. Which benefits diggs big time. I played the guy in my league who has him 😑

    aJerseyThing Reply

    What was he doing on your roster before hand?

    jim johnston Reply

    Sharp_3yE If it was about matchups, where was Diggs vs the Raiders, Giants, and ESPECIALLY the Falcons? he had one lucky game but im sure its gonna go back to the Cook and Thielen show next week

    Joshua Lee Reply

    @jim johnston u not thinking right about the matchups the fact was the eagles have one of the best running defenses in the league but one of if not the worst passing defenses thats why the Vikings were forced to throw and thus it’s a better matchup. Teams like the giants Falcons dont have a good run defense so it’s easy for the Vikings to just run in with cook.

S 93 Reply

They had to beg cousins to throw

Jonah Miller Reply

his cold must’ve gone away

    giveupgang Reply

    That was thielen

Mike Weber Reply

I had a feeling Stefon Diggs was going to have a great game and I was right!

Marquavious Rhodes Reply

His playing style reminds me of Odell a little

    The OutKast Reply

    Marquavious Rhodes both very elusive and have great running ability n hands good comparison just Diggs doesn’t have a ego like Odell

    Esteban Julio Reply

    @The OutKast odell has bigger ego but stef also has an ego.. and also two of the most talented receivers in the NFL. Talented NFL receivers more times than not, have an ego

theicon145 Reply

He needed this game, I’m happy he finally got the touches he deserves

Big Bruva Reply

That crawl at the end of the 3rd td 😂🦍🦍

    Isaiah Towers Reply

    The “I can’t be contained” crawl 😂

King Chi Reply

Bruh this the first time ive seen a QB get punked into playin good….well adam punked him while stephon said feed me or trade me…either way kirk got the message loud and clear looks like and thats bad for the rest of the NFL

    FakeUser NameTwo Reply

    Just hoping it aint a fluke cause Eagles secondary got exposed big time.

shav12 Reply

Felt like the old days with Culpepper launching it downfield to Moss

Baupylypuab Reply

In two of those plays had he used his blockers he could have had more yardage.

Raptormann0205 Reply

1:02 Vikes outta cut him if he’s straight up throwing games by scoring safeties

    Isaiah Towers Reply


Jonathan Price Reply

That catch at 0:59 was sick! Split second reaction on the over-the-shoulder grab. Super strong hands.

Jackpot TV Reply

1:29 Diggs out there clowin 😭😭

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