#SteelersLive: Mason’s first start, Week 3 vs. 49ers | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

#SteelersLive: Mason’s first start, Week 3 vs. 49ers | Pittsburgh Steelers

Missi, Bob, Craig and Matt assess Mason Rudolph's first career start and recap the Steelers loss to the 49ers, the Steelers' abilities in the run game both offensively and defensively, and break out the time capsule to check some predictions from Week 3

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Lieutenant DaN Reply


Jessehh Reply

We all have ups and downs… Mason Rudolph is only going up from here

Nathan Bianchi Reply

Mason played just fine.. o-line was not giving him enough time to find someone down field, and it was his first ever NFL start, let’s give this guy a few games to develop before we jump to conclusions and say “he’s not the future” 4 touchdowns in two games is pretty solid for a starter.

R C Reply

Mason deserves better coaches.

    mike collins Reply

    I think the Steelers should get him Lincoln Riley–and let him bring in a better DC.

    R C Reply

    @mike collins I like that idea. Clean sweep of head coach, DC and OC.
    There’s a good group of players for someone to do great work with, just like the last decade. We need players and coaches who want to kick Bradys butt not kiss it.

    mike collins Reply

    @R C – I like him because of how effective he has been with QB’s that over performed and developed under his tutelage–and Mason Rudolph comes from a high octane offense–his specialty. Wasn’t too long ago that the college offenses were failures in the NFL but are now at the forefront and he does it at a very high level. Besides, isn’t the HC suppose to be a big factor on one side of the ball–where is Tomlin with that defense?

    The other thing we’re missing is continuity with the positional coaches–got rid of the RB coach (which I thought was a strong position last season considering we the Bell departure), Joey Porter with the LB, Munchak was a huge loss and the sad death of WR coach Drake… that many coaching losses partnered with the starters getting fewer and fewer reps each preseason must have some impact.

Steve Miller Reply

You gotta work in concert as a coaching staff !!!
Sad display…

sprint32m Reply


Gregory Rollins Reply

Craig wolfley thanks for 9 years. There was something I remember about you and couldn’t remember it. So I looked it up and the world’s strongest man came up. I was a big fan of bill kazmier. Big article in powerliftimg USA. I was like 14. Really cool memory. Thanks.

Khum Up Reply

Not his fault it’s tomlins

JOSE 74 Reply

All I can say LET’S GO STEELERS!!!

Ken Cranston Reply

Keep focused mason. Take advantage of all these reps.

Robert Langston Reply

Mason Rudolph is the future. Defensive scheme must change. 4-3 maybe.

Randy Farley Reply

I like Minkah, we need better coaches,why don’t they mention that.Randy suxs bottom line)))).

Randy Farley Reply

Tomlin says the same thing every week,but the coaching staff needs to wake up or get out.)))))

    G Hobo Reply

    Randy Farley fire mike tomilin you’ll see a change

J M Reply

Weve shouldve drafted that Bouche kid from Louisiana.

Stlrs W88 Reply

Pittsburgh Dad said 13-3 😎

Tony Chavez Reply

Im a 49ers fan but i got to give it to this guy for his first nfl game he showed a strong arm and talent. He will be good i can tell just give him some time let him get some starts.

Jamie Winters Reply

I think McDaniels might be a good coach for a quarterback starting his career. Hint hint

Dave D Reply

Mason has 5td and 2 int. Mayfield has 2 td and 5 int .whos better ?

John Lopez Reply

Coaches gotta go…plays are too predictable

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