Steelers Weekly: Week 2 vs. Seahawks | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Petropat 123 Reply


Fcjjhvg Btyijg Reply

Steelers Nation

Blurred Culture Reply

Man. Please just win!

Brian Erney Reply

#seahawks vs Steelers

Beama Reply

trade for minkah god damnit

    Jock James Reply

    That might as well offer a 1st rounder because they rarely make a good decision with their first Rd pick anyway. This guy has already proven he can be effective in the NFL.

    Anthony Nava Reply

    Jock James facts🔥

    F. WestDACKEL Reply

    Salary Cap?

    Alibaba Saluja Reply

    For artie burns

    Jock James Reply

    @F. WestDACKEL he’s on his rookie deal and they have 3 mil in cap space

Mr. Bagui Reply

Hi my beautifully Missi, tomorrow is for you win!

    W. Dearth Reply

    Reel it in, don’t be weird.

    Connor Rall Reply

    Or weirdo lol

William Jerles Reply

Whomever edits these could clean them up alil better

Steve King Reply

Get this win Pittsburgh

Malik ElcoSS454 Reply

Ok here’s game plan attack Seahawk receive’s pressure Wilson get him off field & most importantly go for on 4th down if needit.

Extra MediumYT Reply

The editing is terrible. Please fix this

The King Magnum Reply

Lets get this win steelers!

Gregory Donatelli Reply

Here we go Steelers, here we go!

whogivesashit31 Reply

Start doing this topless Missi

    James Jones Reply

    That would be awesome

Christian Black Reply

Hawks got it.

Joy Lynn Reda Reply

It’s called being a rusty. Let’s practice let’s go that’s playing like a real defense!

SlapNSniff Reply

Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve –Doesn’t matter.

David K Reply

This video was edited to the same quality as the Steelers play last Sunday night!

Nate Novotny Reply

Missi matthews literally ruins this show

whatsyurprob ? Reply


Wayne A. W. Reply

James Connor ain’t no muh-fuh’in’ LE’VEON BELL. GTFOH!

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