Steelers Weekly: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Mason Rudolph, San Francisco 49ers | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Zechariah Barajas

Our defense has too many great players to give up more than 17 a game. I hope they start to show what they’re made of and help us win SB 54

    J M

    Time to take it down Zack. Gn.

    David Coleman

    We can have all the talent in the world but without a “GOOD”OR “GREAT” Defensive Coordinator to UTILIZE THAT TALENT,it’s pointless! If we had got Fangio or Patricia as a coordinator these players would THRIVE

Taoo Tv Williams

I lost confidence in the Steelers we can’t even win I hope we win tmrw so that I can gain confidence again in y’all🙏🏾💪🏾

Steeler Nation all day🤙🏾


    Steelers till the day I die.

    TrackBac06 B

    I’m a die hard Steelers fan and completely agree with you. It’s hard having confidence in this defense after the past 5 years. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Fabian Torrez

Here we go Steelers

marcos villafuerte

I’m going to the game, Here We Go Steelers Nation!!!!!!!

TrackBac06 B

I’m excited about this young man. There’s only one #43 but I sure hope that this guy will be one of those guys that makes you go “wow” did he do that?. We’ve needed a safety since Troy left and now we have him. I need a #GoFundMe page to get his jersey.

TrackBac06 B

Apparently this guy hasn’t seen the players Tomlin and Colbert have drafted huh? I love the move because he’s NFL ready and from where I sit Tomlin and his staff can’t develop players so go get the ones that are already proven they can do their job.

Dave D

Everyone needs to step it up.its what champions do when faced with adversity .

Dave D

Defensive coordinator needs to step up or step down.teams always throw underneath and he cant stop it.

Randy Farley

I love my STEELERS, I believe in Mason but everyone has to step up win or lose I hope a win but give him time and he will shine, STEELERS ALL THE WAY))))).


Keith Butler needs to go

kaseem abdullah

It’s up to the people around Mason. What a sick and disgusting statement. Let the enabling and lack of accountability begin. Horrible way to run any organization.

Snail Hummus

Greg kittle????????

Fernando Rangel

Must start Mason matches.

Brenda Einloth

You know you’re going to look better in Black n Gold!
Welcome to The Burgh


How many times are yall gunna post this video??

Guillermo Ruelas

My thumbs up made the 100 👍🏼

you're right

If the defense can step up, Mason Rudolph is capable of leading us to a Super Bowl.


I’ll miss Ben, but reality is we have young receivers, a young quarterback. The time is now to develop chemistry with a young offensive core. Now if Mason struggles all season then Ben is the starter in 2020. But if Mason balls out, or even progresses through the season then he’s the starter and Ben would have to earn starter status again.

bubba_gamer57 jr.

If everybody on defense stops pooping their pants we could probably be a top offense again.

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