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James Washington is going to have a breakout year!

    Yo Contest Me

    For sure

    Slim 803


    Сергеи Бороздин


    I believe moncrief is there number 2 receiver

    Cory McPhearson

    He will unless he gets hurt

Tommy Reno

Conner beat cancer this game is a joke for him

    Tommy Reno

    I talk all about it on my videos

    Frederick E


    Slim 803


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    Agreed, I’m a Ravens fan but I admire his tenacity.


Marcus is taking wayyy to many sacks

    Jack Trippin777

    @vascaino depreciativo but Lawrence would be the target, bama isn’t known for QB, RB oline yes defense too

    dalton davis

    @Jack Trippin777 Aaron Rodgers. Nothing else to say.

    Jack Trippin777

    @dalton davis if they’ve got the cap space… that’s a lot of cash, but if Rodgers gets there it would change the balance of the afc south

    dalton davis

    @Jack Trippin777 I’m saying Aaron Rodgers can do it with no team at all. Not that he should go to the titans.

    Jack Trippin777

    @dalton davis guess that 100 million buck contract has done nothing but win championships ever since they lost a decent defense… Aaron Rodgers nothing else, good Luck with that 😏


The main camera angle looks different. It looks like the sky cam.

    Mike Sparks

    @wyatt brown i hate it

    Edward Peraza

    I don’t like that camera angle. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Mike Sparks

    @Edward Peraza give me some regular football!

    Dominic Scicchitano

    @Nintengo 1985 u can see them anyway


steelers defense looking fast n physical.

Atiba Gaskin

Steelers are on the right track so far. It’s looking like this is the real team to beat. Offense & defense 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    john smith

    @Atiba Gaskin Go watch the vid…?

    Сергеи Бороздин

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Purp Bezzy ok you think that. But you ain’t beating your daddy in his house

    Michael Dooley

    It’s pre-season…tap the breaks…these games are meaningless….

    Michael Dooley

    @Atiba Gaskin I’m a Steelers fan but New England owns us and they’ll continue to do so….

M16_N_Pregnant16 MR.PoonPlatoon16

Steelcurtain is back!
The defense is ready!
I’d never thought I say that again.

    jahnel simpson

    Steelers have a history of a damn good defense. So never be surprised, I would feel the same about Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, just the legacy they hold.

    balti4s #79

    @Fuego Metro eh not impressed very mediocre

    balti4s #79

    @Kendall Bledsoe yeah the titans aren’t good anyway and Steelers defense is overrated

    Bobby Johnson

    Omg its preseason calm down

    Trxx_ PhArOh

    M16_N_Pregnant16 MR.PoonPlatoon16 on godd

Mango Masher

That Steelers Defense is legit allowed 13 points in 2 games

    sons of liberty

    @DJ JDB had control, dove across the line, then lost the ball. Clearly did have control, remember you were listening to a cowboys player. He made a move with the ball. Just like always, fat bill crys and the league jumps.

    Leeedy 1

    @sons of liberty oh yeah my bad, we actually beat the Gaytriots twice in a row, the refs stole that game from us.

    Savage Productions

    DJ JDB Tom Brady still good but he is slowly getting worse

jacked jesus

Titian’s o line trying to convince Marcus Mariota to retire early like luck 😂😂😂

    Carson Wentz

    Lucifer wow! Mariota won a single playoff game thanks to a collapse by the chiefs who are notorious for choking! I’m not even a mariota hater but he won’t be a titan next year, sorry delusional titan fans. It’s just how it is


    @david the real thomas pretty much

    L G R W

    Carson Wentz haha, I actually am joking I wish we had wentz over mariota, amd whether they admit it or not the rest of the titans fans would too. Only thing mariota has over wentz is mariota is clutch. Other than that wentz is better at basically everything. I’m hoping we draft jake Fromm or something lol. To be fair tho mariota has had awful receivers outside of his tight end walker for basically his entire career, Corey Davis last season was his first good receiver option of his entire career unless you count Delanie walker who is a tight end. However I believe if mariota was that guy he would elevate his shitty receivers. He doesn’t have that excuse anymore though we brought in either the best or second best behind Edelman slot receiver in the offseason (humphreys from Tampa, pff had him best slot receiver in the nfl) amd aj brown rookie receiver amd Delanie walker back missed all last year.

    Sugar Nips

    @Tyrex Wentz can thank foles for the ring. That’s like saying David Carr over Dan Marino cause Carr has a super Bowl ring and Marino doesn’t. 😂😂 Wentz can’t even stay healthy.


    @Sugar Nips David Carr has a super bowl ring? That changes everything….

Meme Iselfaneye

Steelers are one hell of a WR factory in the last decade. Hopefully the defense can keep it together more consistently, shouldn’t be losing games games scoring 30.

    Stan Plutnicki

    @BillyBobAngus the offense was the least consistent last year? I would argue special teams but ok. Our defense was definitely solid last year and if I’m not mistaken were ranked 9th. They need to improve on turnovers and stopping late game collapses. The pick up of Devin Bush is going to pay off big time and the secondary is getting better. Now for our what you must consider our inconsistent offense…..they were ranked 4th and they were ranked#1 passing. The only inconsistency was the fact that they had a massive passing to running ratio that I highly doubt will be the case this year. Oh yeah that so called inconsistent offense was without Bell all year and James Connor was an unknown and then later in the year was injured and that had alot to do with the imbalanced pass to run. Also they had a new offensive coordinator last year and still was extremely potent and in most cases deadly. Meanwhile our punter wasn’t very good and our place kicker struggled big time and missed some very important kicks!!!!! You said you can tell that other person didn’t watch the Steelers much last year but I would argue the same could be true for you….or your just terrible at judging a teams performance based on how they played. Offense was awesome and the defense is improving and playing solid!!!! Our special teams play however is were the inconsistency was at last year !!!
    Drama played a huge role in the overall picture too. Teams can’t perform at there best when there are distractions! Facts!! At least the drama is gone for now for this upcoming season!

    You Heard It From Hev

    More like 3 decades

    T Raw

    @BillyBobAngus I understand what your getting at but neither were consistent the offense came out the gate with some high scoring games but we also gave up a lot of points early. WE TIED TO THE BROWNS IN THE SEASON OPENER! You probably do watch the games but it doesn’t matter point is injury and already entering a season without key players and other drama slowed the offense down our defense jumped up to top 10 late in the season helping us close out some close games BUT STILL MISSING THE PLAYOFFS. STEELERS need all around consistency this season to remain healthy mainly BEN and CONNOR others with pre existing injury and they have to win games. Season opener again New England should definitely be a test for if we’re on the right track.

    T Raw

    @You Heard It From Hev dude WTF hines ward AB and a constant rotation of Young or vet talent have been all we know since I was old enough to remember.

Allen Rodriguez

Steelers defense looks hungry. They may be coming into the season as a sleeper.

    Tom Witner


    Do you live in Boston?

    TPT Madden

    no answer

    James Jordan

    As a Ravens fan, I couldn’t agree more.

Jason S.

This looks like my best attempt to make it look like a broadcast in instant replay on madden.

    FourOne Two

    How does Madden not have a broadcast angle preset?

    Taylor Bettencourt

    @FourOne Two it does

Nomad Lion

Man my Titans oline looking worse than last year….good luck Mariota your gonna need lots of it

    the42monarch _

    Good luck tannehill you mean. Mariota gonna be injured by week 4 if we block like this. I just want 1 full year w Marcus so we can see what he’s got.

    Ronald McKee

    If you makes you feel any better, the Steelers d line is legit and a dominant group and ya won’t have to face that every week lol.

    Mike Jazz

    @the42monarch _ Tannehill will be holding Mariotas jockstrap week 4

    Coonhunter N. N n n

    Nomad Lion he will be like Andrew Luck if he keeps taking hits like that. He will have to retire early.


Im hopefull this year. All the way to the ship. Excited for jujus role as #1 WR. steel city represent!!!


I love how you can see more of the formation and play from this new angle, but people being people, they would probably hate it. lmao

    Jay S

    Hope they dont use this camera angle the whole game during the season.


    Raditram Two reasons why I dislike it, hard to tell what’s going on over on the opposite sideline and unless commentators say the name I had no clue who was who. But hey be that guy who thinks you’re a hater for disliking something.

    Zach Espinoza

    It’s hard to see the numbers of who’s playing. It was so far away that everyone just looked like stick figures. It’s a cool concept- but really hard to see for me

    Andre Arce

    you can also see the receivers running the routes i like it

Adam Gilchrist

It must be the preseason for camara angles as well

    Savage Productions

    Adam Gilchrist agreed but preseason shows who is better backup position

    Adam Gilchrist

    @Savage Productions yeah I think the skycam is the backup camera

Bj D

I know .. I know the preseason means nothing but… the steelers look good.

Luis Cervantes

Actually the steelers look solid, i think they have more chemistry, but yes, it’s just preseason, i try not to get too ill. 😬

Kece K.K. Cunningham

The Critics need to stop all this talking about them Steelers, every team in the NFL will have a problem with them Steelers Don’t Sleep!!!!!

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