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keep in mind this is Brady without Antonio Brown, Demarius Thomas, and N’keal Harry

    Jermaine Brown

    @SupremeTEΔM scary thing is we all know they get better as the season goes on. I cant wait to see our defense match up against KC this year

    nate means

    Yea he’s on the Jets now… so we can have Darnold throw passes to whoever is covering him.


    But he has dangerous receivers.


    People sleepn on jakobi


    Keep in mind this is the first game against the Pitt defense which is vastly overrated. Let’s see how Tom does over the course of the season when he plays actual competent defenses and ref’s who don’t cater to the home crowd.


In their last 2 games, real games, they have held both Rams and the Steelers to a combined 6 points..

    Gabriel Torres

    Also a fun fact: Last 2 games both Rams and Steelers coach looked lost and confused like they didn’t know what to do against the Pats, it was funny and sad at the same time.


    I’ll go with funny

Donald Williams

*Holds up 3 fingers* Steelers scored this many



Max Kellerman: Surely he fell off the cliff by now.

TB: ??

    Marcus Aurelius

    @Bernard wade – Take your ‘L’ and go home.


    Bernard wade you’re dumb he’s 42 of course he won’t throw it like a 20 year old lol but he still is a elite qb max said he will FALL of a chill but that has not happened sooo


The Patriots have really taken care of Brady and he clearly shows his appreciation with his effort.

    Daniel Barwatt

    @Andrew Grove also PI early on

    Robert Vasquez

    @Daniel Barwatt i was wondering about that myself.


    Your files are in order. Though your agents should be able to find more difficult intel.


    I know you…

    you commented of an area 51 video and you said that the United States are hiding the anime girls in Antarctica!

    Daniel Barwatt

    @Robert Vasquez Holton was clearly held before the ball got to him..horrible no call..couldve changed the momentum early on

Jotaro Kujo

Whenever Edelman has the ball


    alex gibbs

    @baguil02 it was a rear pass, count the lines


    @Dipak Yadav it was behind the line of scrimmage so he can do that

    Dante taylor

    @Sarcastic Potatoes yeah he was a quarterback in high school and I think a backup in college when he came to the pats they seen more for him and look at him…. that tells u u can switch up your whole flow and be something else

    Zura Ja nai

    yare yare

    Liam Regan

    He was a qb at Kent state university buddy

Awwal Oyetunde

Anyone else see Brady trip on his own in 1:17

    Cory Fachini

    He was “blocking”. That’s probably how they practiced that play. Jog along to obstruct the view but fall down when someone gets close 😀


    Cory Fachini called a chip block

    Robert Vasquez


    Robert Vasquez

    That’s that old man run and trip.

    Cory Fachini

    @brianm I think a chip block is when you actually touch the defender. We can call this one a trip block maybe?


Brady dropped a couple of dimes in this game. How about the 50-yarder to Gordon. If Antonio Brown works out, maybe we’ll see some 2007 Patriots.

Sam Mitchell

Tom Brady says ” don’t let anyone hit me and we will go to the super bowl


    @Sneaksies Not with that choker Andy Reid as their head coach they won’t

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Sneaksies How? Chiefs don’t have a defense.

    Kansas City Fan: Let’s go Efense! Let’s go Efense!


    Their d ain’t as good as the pats but their offense is better

Steven Haines

3:54 Big Ben thinking he should’ve been a little nicer to AB 😂


My favorite play was when the steelers center just stood there like a statue

    Juniorso • 24 Years ago • Edited

    c-dub54 😭😭😂

    max 21

    I like when they kicked the ball and there was a target in the audience

    The Patriots

    Legend says he still stood there

    Renaldy Calixte

    @c-dub54 Its like in Jessica Jones Season 1 when Kilgrave told some college kid stand in front of this wall forever and he did that for over a week. 😂😂😂😂

Asian Import

4:33 why Washington didn’t stay in bounds and score is beyond me. Wtf was he thinking 😂

    Ghost Oh

    This comment is why I’m here lol

    Jaycob Alvelo

    Man idk he looked to the coach like sorry coach almost disobey you


    i thought for sure he would go and get a td then he just stepped out of bounds like it was on purpous lol

    Billis Lopez

    He bet his life savings that the Steelers wouldn’t score a TD.


    His Momentum carried him out of bounds

madextra commentary

NFL is living in the tom brady era or the Brady saga

    Tropic Mix

    @Alex Manuel 😂😂

    Daniel Barwatt

    @Mimi M No suprise you like that degenerate..given your profile is trashy and gone you reject..

    J P

    Who’s gonna replace him when he’s gone? Like Joe Montana…. I don’t think the Patriots will be back to the support bowl half as much… If at all but once every 10 years….

Mr. bonus

Hello, 9-1-1?

I want to report a felonious assault.

    Awesome Will

    Mr. bonus lol XD

    Alex Evans


Raphael Lopez

“False start on all the offensive lineman, excpet for the center” 😂😂😂💀


    ييييسس يا قلب بل ب




    I started to watch right when that happened.

Sub to me idk why

“They hate us cause they ain’t us”

That is literally the truest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Greg Fakerson 😂😂😂😭😭😭💀💀💀 Steelers = Ant

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Aidan Fredericks Are fans of Michael Jordan bandwagon fans of the Chicago Bulls? Are fans of Ken Griffey Jr bandwagon Seattle Mariners fans?

    Daniel Barwatt

    @Sub to me idk why if everyone was doing why wasnt anyone else accused besides the Pats? Why wasnt anyone else fined or pushished? Who else was doing it? If it didnt have anything to do with Brady then why did he destroy his phone? Sounds suspicious to me.. Regardless if they havent done anything in however many years..their first 3 super bowls will forever be tainted..

    Daniel Barwatt

    @Renaldy Calixte a lot of them actually are..MJ and Griffey were a key reason why a lot of ppl became Bulls and Mariners fans…

Lamar Is The Future

You know your team sucks when a false start is a highlight😂


    Lamar Is The Future the Steelers are a special type of bad this year😭

    Serko Moryasi

    So was the center right or wrong? Lol

    Lamar Is The Future

    Serko Moryasi The center was wrong he didn’t know the snap count.

    Terry Henry


jay huang

Imagine being a third string DB and having to guard josh Gordon


    @RoundRock I think what he means is most teams will be doubling on AB, and with Edleman in there, most likely Gordon will often be going against 3rd and 4th coverage guys.

    Vince M

    sfreakmusic that has nothing to do with what he said



    Gordon is the number two guy with AB there

    erik coker

    Creative Edelman is usually always number 1. When they have a deep threat he’s their 2. It’s very rare that he comes off the field but I guarantee you in certain formations you’ll see Gordon and AB flip flop


*Patriots take Antonio Brown*

Patriots: *Well we did it bois, the Steelers are no more*


When the colts drafted Luck to be the next Brady but he retired before Brady.

    Billis Lopez

    At this rate Jimmy Garopollo might retire before Brady.

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