Steelers vs. Panthers Preseason Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Toku Fire Reply

Go panthers

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos Reply

Steelers are going to be so much better since they removed the problems

    L3- -37 Reply

    @Esketit Esketit they were also huge toxic egos that were more of a detriment than a help. Yeah the best RB was not even on the team last season. Another fan that thinks He’s a psychic.

    L3- -37 Reply

    @XD Productions they lost the Superbowl.

    L3- -37 Reply

    @Carter Jernagin and we clapped right back.

John Adams Reply

Mason Rudolph was the bright spot for the steelers

    Eric Willingham Reply

    Man Mason is a real accurate passer, perfect touch & ball placement

    Atiba Gaskin Reply

    Ull crazy! Look at the facts! Rudolph is as good as the O line is. Hes accurate & has a big arm but he cant handle too much pressure & he a
    Has no escape ability. Hes going to get better in time but Rudolph right now against any division opponents would b a mistake

    Eric Willingham Reply

    @Atiba Gaskin Man what u been watching? Rudolph is very mobile, the comment about u are only as good as your oline is stupid,2 a point that goes for any QB, but how quickly u read the defense & let the ball gonis a huge factor in helping your oline, smh

    vincent farrentino Reply

    Mason Rudolph is the future Tomlin better name him.the backup quarterback DOOBS sucks

    John Adams Reply

    @vincent farrentino Dobbs pretty good

Omar the youtuber Reply

Win or lose I’m a panthers fan for life

    FUDGE Kid YT Reply

    Imagine trying to get clout in a comment section in a comment

    AJ Solis Reply


    Maurice Crosby Reply

    Same here

    Zach Savini Reply

    I’m sorry

    Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie Reply


StarKvng Plays Reply

Mason Rudolph is the real deal

    Eric Willingham Reply

    He just may be

    Atiba Gaskin Reply

    Rudolph is good but not the real deal. I’m not sure if u actually seen this game. Rudolph was struggling real bad against the blitz very bad & has very lil escape ability

    Eric Willingham Reply

    @Atiba Gaskin U dont really watch football do u?

    sons of liberty Reply

    @Atiba Gaskin maybe you didn’t watch the whole preseason. He gets out of the pocket and has made throws on the run. He’s the only one that moved the ball at all last night and that was with a line that not not of them will make the team. Dobbs can run but really sucked. Rudolph is the real deal. A couple seasons yet behind ben and he out plays darnold Mayfield and the whole bunch.

    Riley Cox Reply

    Agree Mason is better. I will say honestly I was hoping Dobbs would be better only because of his ability to scramble and the steelers team does not get that from a quarterback all that often.

Joshua Clougherty Reply

is there a pig in the announcers booth 4:50

Jordan Lane Reply

Both D-lines where nasty tonight

    Afr0 Plays Reply

    Yeah unless Steelers have Ben in our o-line goes from great to garbo

    Sikeer Xyoojj Reply


    Afr0 Plays Reply

    Sikeer Xyoojj Garbo

    trill 1 Reply

    @Walter Diaz As a Panthers fan, we know our back up o line is garbage but we also know our D line is nasty. Can’t speak for Pittsburgh tho.

Iron Shepard Reply


    Jorge Gaytan Reply

    That was definitely the highlight of the whole video

    John Doe Reply

    You the real MVP

Marty McFly Reply

1:19 shoutout to the right tackle for barely touching the rusher lol

    Jp Thabeast Reply

    That looks like something straight out of Madden 😂😂

    southpark 981 Reply

    @Jp Thabeast for real. Especially on rpo plays this yr

    Ryan Comer Reply

    lmao that is going to be embarrassing in the film room

    Jay Houston Reply

    He looked like he thought he had the inside guy

Near Media Reply

Jesus how many sacks can there be in one game.

LGtryHard Gaming Reply

I see a future in Mason


Heinicke had a good game. That 2pt conversion was great!

    mrmojorisin241 Reply

    It’s a bit of a relief to see our back ups being sucessful

    OG LOC Reply


    Uncle Luke Reply

    WHITESTICC WILLY yes it was

    Matt Blair Reply

    Your back up RB had a damn good catch there too

    Atiba Gaskin Reply

    It wasn’t that good. That 2pt convert was bad defense & alot of luck. Wild throws like that usually gets picked off. It was a better catch than anything else.

Andre Parson Reply

panthers coach was literally calm throughout the whole game even when they made mistakes

    Ember Adam Reply

    Yeah that 2 what sammmy be saying

    MetalSonicGamerX200 Reply

    Oh. You didnt know this coach then. Somebody hasn’t seen the videos.

    Jay Anderson Reply

    He’s calm on the field not in the locker room lol

    MetalSonicGamerX200 Reply

    @Jay Anderson yep

    Andre Parson Reply

    @Ember Adam yeah i rarely watch them but he looks like he has lots of anger in him

Todd Peucker Reply

Forget about Rogers or Switzer, steelers need to make a roster spot for Holton.

    Eric Willingham Reply

    @codabang Anybody can catch a short pass, in fact Ben spreads it around n those moments anyway, but Switzer in most scenarios, & punt returns which is really the issue, gives u nothing, Spencer looks 2 get u splash

    codabang Reply

    @Eric Willingham yea but is they gone always catch it cause Switz doesn’t really drop a catch

    Eric Willingham Reply

    @codabang Lol if u only catch 7 yard passes, as an NFL player u shouldn’t drop nothing

    codabang Reply

    @Eric Willingham OK he like a wes Welker or Julian eldman

    Eric Willingham Reply

    @codabang Ok u aint reallly comparing Switzer 2 Edelman are u? Edelman is a true #1 wide out perennial Pro Bowler, come on now!

Alex G Reply

Mason Rudolph is the future

    young gee Reply

    Alex G yea I’m on the mason hype train now after watching dobbs do nothing

Mikhail Washington Reply

Boy we gotta fix our o-line before we have a Andrew Luck situation with our qbs especially Cam

    Spencer Hill Reply

    It was the third string guys, though. Not the starters.

    trill 1 Reply

    @Atiba Gaskin you know there were no starters that played in this game

    Gerald Fields Reply

    @Big Boom Give Grier time. The dude is going to get better and better. He is only a rookie. He’s learning. I’ve seen him improve quite a bit

    Joshua Knepshield Reply

    Yall have Daryl Williams Matt Paradis Trai Turner and Taylor Moton. The Panthers o-line is top 10. Are you even a fan, dawg?

    Gerald Fields Reply

    @Joshua Knepshield way too many sacks allowed. Cam will not last the season if they don’t get better.

Jeffrey Vences Reply

Big Ben low key helping Mason Rudolph with that pump fake.. I see you Big Ben!
Let’s go Steelers!!

    Jeffrey Vences Reply

    @PizzaAddict 3:02 bro.

    Juggern4ut7 Reply

    That wasn’t big Ben lol

    Jeffrey Vences Reply

    @Juggern4ut7 Re-read my post again. Lol until you get it😂

    DCOgaming Reply

    Steelers suck

    harold mccoy Reply

    @DCOgaming troll go find your self something relevant to do ! Why the toxicity ? Did the Steelers beat your favorite team ? I get it ,anything for attention even if it’s negative , inmaturity on it’s stage for all to witness !

Averagestoner Reply

Both D-lines were nasty but Carolina’s D-line is very quick off the line. Steelers O-line had 3 consecutive holds due to Carolinas quickness

J. Burton-Taube Reply

Holton, Skipper and Gilbert all deserve roster spots.

JaayKingg Reply

Please Steelers sign my man Tuzar Skipper ‼️ He’s been BALLING this preseason

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