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Matt From Wii Sports Reply

3-0 for the first time since 1998. Feels so good.

    Antwann Thomas Reply

    Yoy Mon we 3-0 they 0-3 ain’t nothing bad about us #NinerGang

    Shane Burke Reply

    Didn’t know Matt is a 49ers fan 😂.

    Nsane_408 Reply

    Easy schedule don’t get exited when they lose against contenders😂

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    Wow…that was so long ago Terell Owens was on the 49ers.

    Milli Macro Reply

    they haven’t won a suoerbowl since 95

Random Ron Reply

“Please win against San Fran so I don’t have to separate this again.”
*the next week*
This week on Days of our Steelers

    MarloSoBalJr Reply

    All optimism dies

    EdmacZ Reply

    Tree jinx strikes the Steelers.

    Patrick Ferguson Reply

    Yes there are tree fans in the comments section!!

    Suyash Bhagwat Reply

    It’s gonna be good lol

    chris madsen Reply

    Steelers can only beat the dolphins lol

Jonny Kage Reply

And people Used to Hate on Arik Armstead

    Ramisi Gomes Reply

    He’s really stepped up because had he had another down season I believe he would’ve been traded

    Lane Splitter Reply

    new dline coach and using some wide 9 has been making a huge difference, on top of the new player additions

    Muddytho Reply

    Ummmm its not like he wasnt collecting disability checks from the niners the last 4 years

    Gibster Reply

    @Ramisi Gomes if he had another down season. he played really well last year. not this well where he is seeing regular 80 point grades from pff

    salamander337 Reply

    He came up big in this game I’ll give him that. Glad he can be consistent now. If he keeps it up he will get another contract.

boofy Reply

Garoppolo looking really good… maybe if we didtn fumble 40 times this game would have been alot cleaner.

K-2 Reply

So is nobody not going to talk about this?: 2:56

    Jean-luc Fritzen Reply

    @Steven Enno nah you can clearly see that he’s getting absolutely rekt

    Steven Enno Reply

    Jean-luc Fritzen i see you lil boi

    chris madsen Reply

    I feel it

    chris madsen Reply

    @Steven Enno lol stop making excuses

    K-2 Reply

    Steven Enno I can’t do that…I would probably break my arm.

23_aj_o o Reply

7:27 did you see that little dance by George kittle! 😂

    trey johnson Reply

    awesome!!… thanks for pointing that out!!!

    Jay T Reply

    The price is right! lol

Kamari Smith Reply

Are We Going To Ignore Kyle Juszczyk’s Monster Stiff Arm?

    Turon Whitfield Reply

    Yo I spelled that man name how it sounds I said yuscheck I didn’t even know it was a J.smh

    Rachel Pineschi Reply

    Stiff slammed like a ragdoll

    Steven Enno Reply

    Lol. If you actually pay attention
    Minkah has too much speed and went high. He threw himself over him. That man didn’t do nothing but use his momentum

    Katashi Jaime Reply

    The stiff arm is stiff.

lafi tui Reply

Niners have a scary D-line…Wow! Niners were lucky their DLine was there all day!!! A win is a win, I guess.

    popularship16 Reply

    Stop bro just stop 49ers are Simply the Best

keandre jackson Reply

2:56 how does a grown man get did like that😂😂😂

    Steven Enno Reply

    He didn’t do anything
    His own momentum flipped him over the enemy.
    Had he hit low, hip problems for life.

    Alt Delete Reply

    @Jonathan D. Last time the redskins were any good they had Darrell young a full back 😟. Everytime i see the list for worst contracts n see huscheck im always glad someone still appreciates the position

    Joseph Johnson Reply

    😂! No fr

    Petty Ceddy Reply

    Why he make dude spin after he threw him look like he was break dancing

Ian Burke Reply

3-0 coming into the bye week is amazing. Go niners

    shigsho Reply

    Jimmy makes football fun again. He is going to get better too.

    Mr.SoloDolo Reply

    And have the Browns at home after the bye 4-0 here we come.

Tommy Reply

49ers could’ve put up way more if they didn’t turn it over 5 times lmao

    Tommy Reply

    @Chance Peters Not at all, It’s like saying the Steelers offense got locked down by the 49ers, and the 49ers Offense was still able to comeback even after turning it over 5 times. BIG difference.

    Pasa Robles Reply

    @Tommy dominant? The Steelers had a young backup QB in there. The outcome of that game would be different if Ben was in there. Watch when they play teams that are playing better

    Tommy Reply

    Pasa Robles mister 5 interceptions in a game would be able to beat a team that’s 2nd best in Yards allowed per game? Okay lmao, this is real life not fantasy football.

    RK 91 Reply

    @samson miranda Not really. If they didnt make bad red znefumble it wouldve been a blowout

    RK 91 Reply

    @Pasa Robles HAHAHA you’re a jokester. Mason Rudolph played better than Ben did this year

Sean Galvin Reply

wow. an awful game by the 49ers but still eaked out a win. win the division, san francisco.

    Looter Reply

    Sean Galvin your profile pic would be a lot cleaner if you didn’t have that ugly blue and yellow logo in it

    Joey Hernandez Reply


Fier The Great Reply

That stiff arm by Juszcyk 2:56 🤭🤭🤭 had my boy spinning on his back like he a ninja turtle 😤😤😤🤣🤣🤣

    Steven Enno Reply

    Was clearly momentum that forced him up and over

    Jean-luc Fritzen Reply

    @Steven Enno no it wasnt

    Steven Enno Reply

    Jean-luc Fritzen sure was. I know you won’t accept this but cya

    Philipp H. Reply

    @Steven Enno So what, he used momentum? Does it make it any less impressive? It’s called technique

C_Wonder Reply

I’m still annoyed by that blind side block, worst call ever in sports. Still got the W

    Sung Shin Reply

    Agreed. Not a penalty. Good acting job, though. He sold it and zebra bought it. Niners should spend time practicing acting too to get 15yds penalty. It’s part of a game.

    Skuba Steve Reply

    C_Wonder they explained the penalty shortly after, Skule went for the block facing his own end zone which is a penalty by rule for that type of block even though it wasn’t totally a blindside block.

    Butcher Shop Reply

    I don’t really care about penalties or whatevs but hitting somebody when they aren’t looking is lame 💁🏻‍♂️

MathisDux Reply

2:56 imagine getting thrown like a rag doll, getting up and walking over to the receiver and try tripping him as he gets up. Classic move

R. William Comm Reply

Historic game in that of last 46 teams who got 5 turnovers in their favor 45 won & 1 tied. So my Steelers made history by losing!!!! Congrats 49ers fans.

    Nico Sotomayor Reply

    That’s sadly impressive

    DKraze410 Reply

    Bruh lol

    Handsome Thanos Reply

    It’s not 5 turnovers it’s a 5 turnover differential. The turnover differential in this game for the Niners was -3.

CynicallyObnoxious Reply

Idk how we won with all those turn overs but ill take it and Juszczyk just call him the polish hammer

    Ramisi Gomes Reply

    Random drug test on the way unfortunately 😂

Anthony Ross Reply

49ers had a 5-1 deficit in turnovers but were winning 7-6 on points scored from turnovers

Jadan Vang Reply

49ers: Chops off 5 fingers
Steelers: Grabs knife and slits its on throat

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