Steelers Virtual Camp Press Conference (Aug. 25): T.J. Watt, Coach Butler | 2020 Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steelers Virtual Camp Press Conference (Aug. 25): T.J. Watt, Coach Butler | 2020 Training Camp

T.J. Watt on the Steelers defense, Alex Highsmith, Derek Watt, competing against different right tackles in practice | Coach Butler on depth at linebacker and safety, tandem of Watt and Dupree, preparing for the Giants

T.J. Watt and Defensive Coordinator Keith Butler spoke to the media on Tuesday, August 25 in a Steelers Virtual Camp Press Conference. Watt spoke about competing against different right tackles in practice, how Alex Highsmith has done so far at training camp, being a game-wrecker, how his brother Derek fits into the offense, the defense as a whole and more. Coach Butler spoke about the depth the Steelers defense has at linebacker and safety, the tandem of Watt and Dupree, preparing for the Giants, rookies Alex Highsmith and Chase Claypool and more.

Stay tuned for more Steelers Virtual Camp Press Conferences as the Pittsburgh Steelers hold their 2020 Training Camp at Heinz Field.

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Ian Whitman Reply

Go Steelers!

Rida Aguirre Reply

Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

Ryan Irwin- Diehl Reply

Can’t wait for us to sign TJ for a long time.

    Steelers Gang Reply

    What if we dont tho? That would be a very sad day for the 412

Michael Jackson Reply

“At the end of the day I trust in my abilities, it doesn’t matter who is out there…” this dude is gonna be a killer this year. DPOY

Severo Contreras Reply


April C Reply

So excited !!! I hope & pray everyone stays safe & healthy !!! ps Im also excited bcus I lost enuf weight to wear my sons new medium sized # 90 Jersey !!!! Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!!!! ✨

Donovan Lennox Reply

We signing minkah before TJ come on

ÅnaheimVince __ Reply

Killer Watt⚡️🔋⚡️ #bangbangstillergang

Stephanie B Reply

WHY IS HE SO GORGEOUS 😍 being an amazing player is just a Bonus!!!

Reeefs Reply

I love every answer tj watt had

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted Reply

0:13 unprecedented

Jock James Reply

Is this a Snapchat filter cuz his head looks big as hell

Al Walsh Reply

Shout out to my stealers TJ monks Joe cam ben juju Conner and company. You are all champions go show the world

    Al Walsh Reply

    MINKA sorry


tj is over rated only “the best” quote quote quote quote quote has rings on there fingers tj’s finger are empty and will be (empty) again this year to 👋🏼 dropoin the r e a l 🎤 to the naive hype believers 🤪 out there

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