Steelers Live: Minkah Fitzpatrick, injury updates, Mason Rudolph | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steelers Live: Minkah Fitzpatrick, injury updates, Mason Rudolph | Pittsburgh Steelers

Missi Matthews and Mike Prisuta discuss our acquisition of Minkah Fitzpatrick and discuss Coach Tomlin's press conference, highlighting Mason Rudolph and injury updates.

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sillysausage72 Reply

#steelers 🏈💪

Brett Wilcosky Reply

I like the trade

    Another Brick Reply

    Jalen Ramsey

    triston miller Reply

    Another Brick he’s too expensive to get and his contact is almost up anyways, we got Fitzpatrick for dirt cheap

Steeler Juju19 Reply

I miss u ben get well

Brian Christopher Jenkins Reply

Next Man Up! #HereWeGo

Rodney Lucas Reply

Steelers Nation let’s bounce back with a win this weekend.

    Guillermo Ruelas Reply

    Really not up to us


    Theirs ONLY one NATION raiders nation I don’t think you would like us USING raiders terrible towels

Rodney Lucas Reply

Donte needs to be bench

    Brock M Reply

    Dont worry, he will be.

    Atheos B. Sapien Reply

    @STEELERS Pittsburgh Seems odd that a bad hand would hurt a reciever’s reception rate?

    Brandon'svlog Reply

    Or traded

    Alvaro Gomez Reply

    Yes I agree get rid of Donte and get rid of Ryan Switzer and please bring back Martavis Bryant he can be a big-time game changer

    Keenan Smith Reply

    Yo umm weak…..Switzer run fast as hell and Neverrrrr goes anywhere

JOSE 74 Reply

All I can say we need some big W’s!!!! LET’S GO STEELERS!!!!

    10sBalls123 Reply

    Our schedule gets a lot easier after next week. If we can avoid 0-3 I’m willing to bet we make the playoffs.

    bdog rox26 Reply

    if we lose tomlin we’ll win

    Coolmania Reply

    bdog rox26. I totally agree with you

SCP 1715 Reply

I mean is it sad that I am kinda excited for this. I really wanted to see Mason play. Though please get well Ben.

    Keenan Smith Reply

    You aint the only 1

    Chandler Morillo Reply

    Keenan Smith you ain’t the only one neither

    jw1 Reply

    How long did it take you to come up with that zinger? It’s been nearly 14 yrs since that happened so I assume about that long.

Hunter Shore Reply

Just go all out and get Ramsey from the jags

    Dom Reply

    what i been saying

    Roman .Alexis Reply

    Would be nice but I don’t think we can.i know the Patriots are trying to get Ramsey

    Keenan Smith Reply

    @Guillermo Ruelas we have a good selection they needed Porter to mold them but let hom go too…rather had Porter than Butler

    Josiah Lavine Reply

    He just got put on the pats today

Richard Ryder Reply


    DarKshine DaKid Reply

    Hes a great CB too like Woodson

    Christopher Harrington Reply

    DarKshine DaKid Didn’t see much of him against NE, was he on the field for Miami last Sunday or what?

    Richard Ryder Reply


    Christopher Harrington Reply

    Richard Ryder Ya if I was making 5 million

    Richard Ryder Reply

    @Christopher Harrington WELL, YEAH.. LOL

DB Reply

Minkah gone be a steeler legend

    Another Brick Reply

    is this his mother

justin Martin Reply

They should look at Eric Doungy from the acc Syracuse

John Ortiz Reply

So why r we not cutting Moncrief 🤔🤔🤔

    Keenan Smith Reply

    And bringing back Ely Rogers

    Amp Da DoN Reply

    To b honest the guy is playing hurt let him get healthy then c his play

    Another Brick Reply

    I bet they wish they kept eli rogers

Brandon'svlog Reply

Is there any way we can trade Moncrief??

    Jim Riebe Reply

    @Another Brick Rudolph is way better than Dobbs

    triston miller Reply

    Richelle Barnes Tomlins record is better than cowers

    Jim Riebe Reply

    @triston miller only because Cowher let Kordell Stewart play. Those teams Cowher had were better than the ones Big Ben went to the Superbowl with. I wish we had Ben then😉

    triston miller Reply

    Jim Riebe so if cowher has better teams than why is his record worse?? If those teams were so good then they would have won with an average QB

    triston miller Reply

    Jim Riebe people Tomlins not that bad of a coach, sure he can’t seem to do quite enough to get his team to the Super Bowl but he’s never had a losing record 🤷‍♂️

TheBlazikenBro BOI Reply


Brian Taylor Reply

Hope to see Rudolph give the Steelers a little spark this week. Ben doesnt seem to be playing with the same passion like he normally does. Still wish him a speedy recovery of course.

    Another Brick Reply

    hope so to if we lose next week we might only beat the dolphins the whole season lol

Its12Gage bruh Reply

Honestly Tomlin sounds like he’s toughening up a bit

Tarantoz Reply

Thank God we get the right fitzpatrick

you're right Reply

Glad to see the footage of Ben helping and encouraging Rudolph on the sidelines. At this point Ben might actually prefer to be more of a coach and mentor. Ben looked like his body was really feeling older, slower, and less crisp. Maybe it’s just me, but you could see it in his eyes that he’s not sure if he wants to be on the field anymore putting his health at risk, but felt like he was expected to keep carrying the team since he’s been there for 15 years and it’s become the norm and doesn’t want to let people down.

Rob Pierce Reply

We need to get Bell back now that Ben is out I dont think Bell likes wheres he’s at now

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