Status Report: Injury Update, Transactions, JuJu on Hodges – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Status Report: Injury Update, Transactions, JuJu on Hodges

Missi Matthews provides an update on player injuries, the elevation of Paxton Lynch and Trey Edmunds to the 53-man roster, breaks down what JuJu Smith-Schuster said in his media session, and more. #SteelersLive

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Dameing Reply


    Shaun Sweeney Reply

    Refs robbed us last year against the Chargers!

Snow Man Reply

It’s good to see you in your Steelers gear girlfriend!!

    John Revelation Reply

    Sometimes I cant watch this show because Missy is married

    Ali Howard Reply

    Whoa…cold shower fellas πŸ˜†

Jay Jay Reply

Please we NEED Steven Nelson this game

Lance Zeigler Reply

LOL.. Tuitt called him Doug..?

    Sean Babin Reply

    “Duck” is his nickname because Hodges is a work champion duck caller…did kinda sound like Doug though

    CZECH MATE Reply

    He Black that how we say DUCK

The Mercenary 5090 Reply

Is it just me or did they look confident and looking to have fun like they haven’t had in past weeks?

    Noe Aguilar Jr Reply

    The Mercenary 5090 they did.. but then again when your 1-4 what’s the worse that can happen πŸ€”

    Captain Danger Reply

    If they can steal one from the Chargers they can make some moves. Conner has to step up his game. The Ravens loss was a heart breaker.

Kurt Hartz Reply

Stephon who is Doug???



    Bruce Moore Reply

    Duck not doug

Ree B Reply

I’m actually real excited to see Duck show us his game!

Quality Records Reply

are defence is great dont gotta worry about that its just our offence needs to step up

Andrew Grove Reply

Beautiful missi

Levi Nesmith III Reply

Missing Mike Munchak right now…

Hunter Shore Reply

Why do we always get fked over by injury’s

    Maddengod Oof69 Reply

    Hunter Shore steeler luck

Tina Gardner Reply

We got this!!!! Upset the chargers and we need the browns and the ravens to lose!

sons of liberty Reply

Nelson is the biggest name on that list. He’s quietly doing a great job. We can’t afford to put toast 25 back out there yet.

Linkz GP Reply

Wishing Mason Rudolph a speedy recovery but I hope and pray he never returns as QB for the Steelers

    Jim Riebe Reply

    You’re missing the talent of Rudolph 😠 😠 Rudolph is a good QB. If Tomlin would let him just be himself he’d be great but….πŸ™„

Paul Mutzel Reply

the status report is a big uff!

king zulu 13 Reply

JuJu better concern himself about securing the bloody football. That’s 2 must win games he gave away.

josiah williams Reply

Duck season!!!

Bravo Kilo Kilo Reply

I am so excited for πŸ¦†. I have a good feeling.

Shaun Sweeney Reply

Steelers need a roster change in coaching staff! Starting with Tomlin!

    Gabriel Maldonado Reply

    No doubt.

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