Starting out with Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a very popular game right now. It is very fun and exciting for fantasy players, especially the football fans. It is more fun when you play with your friends who love the sport too. Some people play fantasy football just to have fun, while others play it for money. If you want to play this kind of game, below are the basic things or steps you should know.

Find and Participate in a League
You need to join a league so you can actually play fantasy football. This is the first thing fantasy players do when playing the game. There are public leagues which you can participate in, without an invitation. There are also private leagues, that do require invitation. There are different types of leagues that you can choose from like the Head-to-Head Leagues and the Total Points Leagues, which are the most commonly used types of leagues. Other types of leagues are provided below.

Scout for Players in Preparation for Fantasy Draft
You will have to make a list of players based on your preferences and rankings. This will provide you an easier selection of players during drafting. You will have to examine each real player to make sure they fit in well with your requirements and on the positions in fantasy football games.

Join in Drafting Players and Complete Your Fantasy Team
Like in a real football game, this is the most exciting part of the game. Fantasy players will have to select real players according to the list you made on scouting players. You will have to complete your team rosters in order to play the game. During drafting you choose between two methods. The first method is the serpentine draft wherein you will draft players based on fairness or equality, and the second method is the auction draft wherein you will do bidding to draft players. You will have a fantasy budget which you can use in bidding.

Arrange Your Team and Assign Players on Every Position
There are a specific number of members on each team, and there are various positions that you have to fill like in the real football game. You have to select from your list of draft players who will be the starters and who will be on the bench. The starters are those who will play during the game while those on the bench will not. There is a deadline that you have to follow in fantasy football so make sure you have assigned the required positions before it’s over.

Compete with Other Team Weekly
Once your team members are chosen, you will have to compete with other teams to gain fantasy points. You will gain points based on the actual performance of your real players. You win the game if your team gains more total points than your opponent. If you have strong and better team players,  you are much more likely win games.

Improve Your Team.
If there is a need to improve your team, you can replace an injured player with a healthy player. You can also hire or claim better players, and drop those players that did not perform well during the latest game. You can also trade players with other teams. There are players that are not owned by any team in the league, and they are called free agents. You can claim these free agents depending on the rules of the league you participated in. It may depend on if it is a First Come / First Serve basis, Waiver Order basis or Bid Process basis.

Succeed and Win on Your League.
You continue competing with other teams, improving your team and gaining more points during the season because once the fantasy football season ended, there will be only one team standing and that will win the game. Depending on the rules or the type of leagues, you may win based on the total points gained or you may win based on the times you have won in every competition.

Types of Leagues to Join in

In fantasy football, a player will decide which type of league he or she will participate in. There are many types of leagues. Here are a few examples:

  • Auction Leagues
  • Dynasty Leagues
  • Head-to-Head Leagues
  • Individual Defensive Players Leagues
  • Keeper Leagues
  • Points-Per-Reception Leagues
  • Salary Cap Leagues
  • Survivor Leagues
  • Total Points Leagues
  • Two Quarterback Leagues

Among these types of leagues in fantasy football, the most commonly used are head-to-head leagues and total point leagues. They are also known as Standard Redraft Leagues. The difference between the two is that the head-to-head league is based on a weekly match between two teams, while the total point league is based on the total points accumulated by the team.

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