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Staley On Seahawks QB Geno Smith | LA Chargers

Head Coach speaks with the media to discuss the ’ preparation for Geno Smith and how the veteran QB is authoring a breakout season. Hear the latest from Coach Staley about ’s Sunday matchup with the Seahawks at , including updates on wide receiver and center Corey Linsley.



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Go Chargers. 5-2 heading into the bye would be great ⚡👍


    Sho would

    James Watson

    Not happening.


    💯. Especially if we can get a healthy Slay for the backend of the season.


4-2 and 1st in division with all his top players minus Mack/Derwin injured. Top G!

    Catherine Raines

    Chiefs are 1 charger are 2 at this moment but not for long chargers will go in 1 and chiefs will go in 2

    Robert D.

    @Catherine Raines Well , I’m form Missouri & NOT a Chiefs fan . But , I’ll have to see it 1st form my Chargers ? Till then they are 6 times KING of the mountain the last 6 years ?

Moe K

This Seahawk Team is not going to be an easy task. We have to limit broken plays as that is our weakness in our Defense.
Our offense needs to throw deeper more with roll outs, or play action. We have Herbert not Alex Smith. Please get some WR speed as Guyton is out.

    chauncey williams

    @Robert D. I don’t think Tua lasts more than a couple more years. His injury history is substantial and goes back to his freshman year in college. Google it sometime. This offense was built for Drew Brees. Other the Drew, no one has had any major success running it. Drew was the only one to really bust games open with it.

    Jordan Marrs

    I also agree with going deep but that’s if our o-line will allow it. Last game we had a few of Denver d-line just bull rush one of our linemen mainly from the right side. Which doesn’t give enough time for herb. But Corey will be back this game so maybe the line will be better.

    James Watson

    Throw deep and watch diggs catch it.

    Robert D.

    @chauncey williams No, but he STILL did a bunch of swing passes up with the Loins[Matt ] as he’s QB ? Drew on his later years was MORE of a dink & dunker passer . But yes he was MORE open field throwing before hand ? BUT, I’ wonder how much of those calls were Sean , NOT Joey ? PS they are real close friends , also .

    Robert D.

    @Jordan Marrs I agree , but there is games they are all in & fine ? And Joey still calls his swings way to much ? Last year was more of the same , too ?


Wow. Blown away by this coach and the media. Incredibly well spoken and knowledgeable. I hope we win and the chargers are a team worth watching into the post season. I’ve had my eye on them since they got Herbert. I hope the chargers don’t unlock the offense this game.

    Catherine Raines

    @chauncey williams you said if Herbert was injured you’d understand u brought his name up so i reminded you he was hurt after week 2 he was hurt week 3 week 4 week 5 and week 6 he finally got 100 percent and now hes all ready too go if he never got hurt he would a beaten the 4-2 chiefs and we would stand at 5-1 you cry over coach staley who is doing a ok the way he is call yourself a fan but the only i see from your fanbase is poor in faith we fight all odds w these start injuries even a couple of our best players are out like joey bosa and and Keenan Allen just too name a few and usually our special teams are our biggest problems they have been for decades but finally we win with special teams when we really needed them with an injured kicker lets not forget that chauncey

    Robert D.

    @Catherine Raines Thank YOU , so MUCH for calling me , DELUSIONAL ! I have NOT called for Staley head 1 time ? BUT, for ” Swing Pass Joe’s ” , YES & it started last year , not just this year . BY , the way , I’m into my 48 th year with this team [ DAN FOUTS ] career years . HOW [ MANY ] of you fans in this section [ here ] can SAY the same thing ? PS and yes we are LUCKEY to be at 4- 2 ? Could be 1 – 5 , also ? Gave up 17 , 10 & 20 point leads , BY doing the Marty ball , A . Lynn ball & now the “Joey Lynn , JR ” ball calling , too ? I have ALL READY seen this movie RERUNS and I’m just SICK of them ! Here’s a thought for once . WHEN we get a BIG lead , lets TRY to go in for the KILL . Try this one day & see how that works out ?

    Catherine Raines

    @Robert D. Well wasnt specificity calling you delusional of tho it comes back to that im so sick of people putting this team down when were having a so far good season i know the heartbreaks ive been a chargers fan for 13 seasons and been through alot of heartbreaks so i can understand but none of the chargers fans are even giving this team a chance some of us here and there but not a lot how about just sit down watch let us get into week 10 then judge ? That would make way more sense to me but I guess Thats just me right?

    chauncey williams

    @Catherine Raines I said if Herbert went down, we would not win a game, Much like Miami. We have zero talent at back up QB. My point is every team is suffering from major injuries. That’s why you fill a roster. We all should thank our lucky stars we got Jamaree Saylar in the 6th round. He was projected to go in round 3. No one has played better for the Chargers. If not for Jamaree, Herbert would be in big big trouble.

Jonathan Velazquez

We need to make a trade for a WR
No Allen, No pass game as seen this season

    Melvin Young

    I agree 100 percent


as a hawks fan gotta respect the chargers coach , he does his homework for sure

    Andi S

    As another Seahawk fans, I agree.

    Daniel Wan

    Scary he knows all their names

    Matthew Galendez

    12th man here and I concur


    @Daniel Wan He was Rams DC too

Huy Nguyen

I don’t agree with many of his decisions- but when he speaks, I understand where he is coming from- ANd yes, he knows way more about football than me. So I trust him!!

    Teyae T

    🙏🙏Blessings forever
    GOD loves y’all too forever tell everyone you know and don’t know. Jesus loves y’all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too foreverw

subject to change

This is EXACTLY the reason when people ask “why or how” Geno is playing well. Rex & Jets threw him into the fire. Poor coaching on Rex. Giants & Chargers expected nothing from him. When he decided to stay at Seattle for 3 yrs, he found Carroll’s coaching, system fit. Last year filling in for Russ he did what coaching wanted. Pleasantly. Don’t expect him to be the best. But he’ll play that way knowing coaching uses him within his ability. It’s wat Russ didn’t understand. Best hopes for Geno.

    chauncey williams

    Was he going to start ahead of Manning and Rivers?


This gonna be tuff they are good games like this tend to sneak up on us

Los C.

Not given up on JC, it’s too early. From adjusting to a new scheme to getting back up to speed after surgery, I believe Staley has alot of growing to do as a HC, but as a player/position coach, he’s the man for the job. Keep grinding fellas, 4-2, not bad at all ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    chauncey williams

    Pats ex-players should give Bill Belichick 25% of the free agent contracts they sign with other NFL teams. Seldom do they do anything outside NE. And most often he gets them back at the NFL minimum if he wants to resign them.

    Aaron Attias

    @chauncey williams so true

    Los C.

    @chauncey williams usually id agree, but he’s played 4 games. Way too early to write him off

Andi S

I’m Seahawks fans, your coach did his homework, it’s gonna be a tight game.

    chauncey williams

    So did your coach. You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking advantage of the Broncos.

    akshay padmanabhan

    @chauncey williams 🤣

    Andi S

    @chauncey williams Whose fault is that ? Their own fault for not doing their HW.

    chauncey williams

    @Andi S It was meant to be looked at with a smile.

Robby Greenan

This game is going to be SO good.

Christopher Sassone

As a Seahawks fan, I can honestly Staley is such a well detailed, well researched coach. Not many coaches coming out doing a full breakdown of their opponents as articulate as he is doing. Going to be a fun game against the Chargers

Matthew Galendez

So much respect for Staley and the Chargers organization . This HC knows the recipes to win a championship if not all of it… Go Hawks !

    Melvin Young


Brad Makap

My faith in this guy is almost down to zero. Defense has gone back wards. Offense is pedestrian considering who our QB is. He talks a big game but still makes stupid decisions. This should be his last year if we don’t make playoffs

Stephen Giese

This guy knows alot about Seahawks receivers! Very good assessment of the Seahawks. He sounds like a likeable and very respectable man.

Daniel Lopez-Kluever

this is legitimately the second best team we will play so far. Big opportunity to get to 5-2, but our offense needs to click and finish drives for us to have a chance


As a chargers fan I hate to break it to those of you on the Staley train . Great guy , leader of men and bright mind . The unfortunate part is I think one day he will be a great coach but not with us . The chargers already are hardly surviving in LA and they have to produce wins quickly to help this franchise grow in such a flooded market. I hate to say it but Staley is not going to get the time he needs to grow as a head coach . I believe he will be replaced after this year or next . Sorry boltfam just my gut feeling . I want Staley to succeed as much as anyone .

Dan Deitch

It wouldn’t be a Chargers game without a poor decision on 4th down by Staley. Even with Surtain covering M Williams he still should of gotten more plays his way. Having said that, it’s rare to see the Chargers winning close games and catching the break they did which is great to see.

Robert Cortez

Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t see the Chargers being 5-2 or Seahawks being 3-4. It’s going to be tight I think Seattle wins in the end.
Seahawks 27 Chargers 21

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