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Jack Savona


Kyle Hinchman



Did Someone write the questions for her? When she asks them it sounds like someone repeating a speech wrote by someone else. Like it is not her ideas, but just reading it.
When it comes to zeke, how do you pay someone an extension worth more $ when they are not man enough to honor what they already have. There is only so much $$$ each year to go around. He was told he would be paid good when it is his time. They just cant do everyone’s at the same time. It’s a business…. If he could keep his business off the field in shape, it would help too

    E. Martinez

    Yes…….. it’s called they’re reading off a “TELEPROMPTER”……… hope that clears things up for ya……


    He outlived his contract and if he didnt holdout, he’d be on the verge to get the DeMarco Murray treatment. The cowgirls did this to themselves.

Skeptical Fan


    Manuel Casillas

    He still has 2 more years on his contract


    bret hull he should request a trade then go get his money ima big Zeke fan he deserves top dollar

    Peyton Mccowen


Alex Garcia

Is zeke back

    Skeptical Fan


    Garrett Horsch

    Alex Garcia will be sooner or later. At the latest the monday before opening sunday. I promise

E. Martinez

Hmmmmmm. ………. well how you gonna build a “team” w/out your star RB not being there? 🤔

    Noe Salazar

    He will be back and he will get paid

    Jesse Sherman

    Cooper Cobb Gallup witten back, and you think this teams only built for Elliot …


    Because its gonna be built behind romos theory, which means its built around Dak Prescott, because that trash dude built it around Zeke

    Garrett Horsch

    E. Martinez he will be back at the latest the monday before opening sunday. Guaranteed.

David Cantu

Where is Tay?? Have not seen her in any of the training camp videos, 😥🤔

Ralph Ramos

I hope this is our year please lest it be

    Rick Kloek

    Sooo much talent. Wow. Wow. Wow

    Garrett Horsch

    Ralph Ramos as a life long cowboys fan of 23 years I can honestly say this is the most talented team in my lifetime. I unfortunately missed out on the 90’s superbowl teams so I need to see this happen in MY lifetime.

darza 777

Chidobe Awuzia! Imambe! Wakanda forever ese!


    Más puto!

Lil Sonic Recinos

This dude said u shouldn’t run tony pollard dude ran 4.32 why wouldn’t u

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    M MD yes he is he’s like a rookie kamara

    Juan Guerra

    He more a kick returner n a wr den hb

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Garrett Horsch agreed

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Juan Guerra nah he plays all of them

Celebrity Updates

If they let Zeke go I’m turning in my cowboy card

    bret hull

    That’s a little extreme. Zeke is a great player. But I think with the adjustments to the playbook that Kellen is making, the ball will be spread enough that Zeke won’t be missed as bad as he was with Linehan’s offense.

    Walter Adams

    You may be turning it in. I think Zeke is gone.

    Garrett Horsch

    Walter Adams lol you guys are ignorant. Zeke will be back at the extreme latest the monday before opening Sunday. Zeke wouldn’t even do anything if he was at training camp. Guaranteed. You can hold me to it.

    Garrett Horsch

    bret hull he won’t need to be missed because he will be back anyway.

Billy Hill

if Alfred Morris or so great why in the hell do you keep cutting m

    Garrett Horsch

    Billy Hill he is a solid player. Not zeke but he was a zeke type player back in the day. Things will get taken care of. Most teams had 6 RB’s in camp and the cowboys had less than that. Better to have 6 to make sure that you end up with enough come time for the regular season. Zeke never does much in camp and especially not in the preseason so my worry level is a 0 out of 10

    Jose Cantu

    Nobody says he’s great as in a star back, but he’s a reliable veteran who doesn’t cause problems. His only downside is he doesn’t play special teams.

Kinto \》

I know of someone that will be happy if Zeke doesn’t play. Saquon Barkley

    Billy Hill

    everybody will be happy if Elliott don’t play does Jada be laughing stop the keeps the lousiest quarterback it gets rather best player but that’s what the backstabbing Jerry Jones deserves


    Saquon couldn’t care less.


    @Billy Hill what?

    Garrett Horsch

    Kinto \》 zeke will be back at the latest the monday before opening sunday. You can hold me to my word.

Clara Jennifer

Hi everybody, KISS You. 💋❤️

    Garrett Horsch

    Clara Jennifer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Thats all I have to say.

Shell Sharpe

I love the 90s teams,but it’s time for another team to rise and bring home another Lombardi trophy. I pray and hope this group can get it done.

    Garrett Horsch

    Shell Sharpe it is looking that way!!

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