Special Edition: Who Needs A Good Showing? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Special Edition: Who Needs A Good Showing? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Nate Newton, Rick Gosselin and Bill Jones recap the week that included Jaylon Smith signing a contract extension and they look forward to this week's preseason game vs the Houston Texans.

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Like if the cowboys will win the super bowl this year

    Dan Kennedy

    TraceWillAce – Itโ€™s a small shot but miracles can happen

    Juan M

    @ETC Mob. we also didnt with romo so who do you want, a robot to throw perfect throws?

    Lava LifeGuard

    Cowboys, again are only the 4 or 5th best team again this year! Pat’s, Chiefs, Rams and probably the Browns are better

    Jeffrey Allen

    19-0 the pats didnโ€™t even do it break Miamiโ€™s record


I want to see Collins moved back inside he worries me at right tackle


    @Justin Quarles when Zeke has less than 75 yards in a game dak and the boys are 0-7… How about that record?

    Justin Quarles

    @J&H Dak is 5 & 1 in last 6 games without Zeke. Not worried about Dak… more worried about the bad advice Zeke is getting from his agent

    Justin Quarles

    @J&H and yes, that is Daks record. Like the great Bill Parcells said – “a QB is what his record says he is”

    (Only Brady has more wins since Dak was drafted in 2016)

    isaac 2high

    @J&H I think he just needs to run and maybe throw ๐Ÿ˜‚


    @Justin Quarles Zeke won those games not dak… His record is 0-7 when Zeke goes for less than 75 what’s that tell you??? That he needs someone else to win the game for him. If not Zeke the defense if not the defense the kicker if not the kicker the offensive line. Tell me what game you’ve ever watched dak take over and win??? Cmon man

David Parkes

Glad Jaylon got his payday, hope they go offense next, preferably Dak.

    Kamryn Vanatta

    David Parkes If Dak gets payed yโ€™all are screwed lmao

    David Parkes

    @Kamryn Vanatta Ehh, those reports he’s asking for 40+ are BS (https://thebiglead.com/2019/08/12/dak-prescott-cowboys-contract-40-million/). If Dallas gets screwed over by anyone’s contract demands it’s Zeke’s.

    Lava LifeGuard

    @David Parkes Even 32 is too much

    David Parkes

    @Lava LifeGuard I guess it all depends on the length & how it’s structured in terms of guarantees, bonuses etc, for me i mean. I think Dak is definitely worth AT LEAST around what Wentz got and i’ll tell you why….

    1. Unlike Wentz Dak can actually ya know, stay healthy. He has yet to miss a start in 3 years.

    2. Say what you want about it being a “team sport” but Dak’s pro record over 3 seasons is 32-16. Second only to guess who? Tom Brady, though would you say his success is due to the guys around him or because of him?

    3. Playoffs reached in 2 of 3 seasons and 2 NFC East Titles. Only 1 win but it’s not like he needs to win more than 1 more to equal and another on top of that to BEAT Romo’ career playoff win total of 2.

    4. Ok yes, Wentz has been injured but Dak’s stats are way BETTER than Carson’s.

    I really do wonder why people say Dak doesn’t deserve a big pay day yet they were absolutely silent when Dallas overpaid to keep Romo around.

David Blide

What’s he talking about? Morris doesn’t make this team when Zeke comes back.


    Morris isn’t that good. He would provide no use when Zeke is here

jeremy x

I can say we got equivalent to better than Matt Patricia on the defense
We DON’T have a Bill Belichek

If we did, I’d say take a team friendly deal too,,, across-the-board that is

BUT however
Dak’s given a team friendly deal for 3 solid years now…
Years wasted by stale, predictable playcalling
Wasted by declined WR’s,
NO WR’s, NO tightend
Suspensions if Jey players etc

Dak’s due backpay plus a hefty contract
Now this is what needs to be done
Will McClay needs to be locked up long-term,
He and his supporting scouting staff
We won’t ever have to worry about a shortage of talent

We’ll continue to lose sleep over which talent we can let go
That’s the best problem to have

We’ve got that problem
I’m not gonna be deceived into believing great businessmen like the Jones’s have forgotten that very awareness

Our biggest problem is not being able to sign all our best players
But because we have more than that will fit on the 53 man roster


Nate’s hitting it close to how it really is than taking a Brady-like team friendly deal
Brady’s first extension wasn’t team friendly
In fact
It made him the highest paid QB at that time

Peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ out

    Lava LifeGuard

    Nobody read this diatribe, dippy

Nicholas Ranieri

Go cowboys


Stephen Jones a talent evaluator?


They value special teams too much. Give me playmakers.


Sign Amari Cooper now

Lawless Original


    Lava LifeGuard


Justin Quarles

Gotta watch EVERY SHOW or PODCAST with BIG NATE NEWTON on it!! โ˜†

    Doomsday Dynasty



Oh he with little faith This is DC4L win loss or tie we riding


Only the patriots can claim road to the super bowl prior to a season

Jessie Marquez

Copper ,Jones,zeke those are the players I want cowboys to sign first Dak can leave he is not worth 34 million a year hell no!!!!!

isaac 2high

Need a hard hitting safety and a ball hawk corner back

Goodbread Johnson

Rick Gosselin…what are those?

Charles Brattain

Looks like your doing well Nate. Most fans pay ALOT of money to go to one game. They do this with a ordinary job that pay a fraction of what these players make in ONE game. I’m tired of hearing these former player talking heads say how important for the individual to get PAID when it’s a team sport.

Shon Fischer

it funny to me when zeke was drafted he brought dak this 214 diamond necklace brought his sneakers cause dak really didn’t care mamodest guy I love that about dak. however dak has at least 10 more yrs to play qb get another contract it funny to me dak would ask for so much money without a thought about zeke.if it was me I would tell jerry hey you want to pay me 34 mil take 3 mil of annualy get zeke in here cause I know I am getting another contract that’s betting on yourself. if dak is trying to maxismise every dollar he can get I don’t see all this team talk he talks about all the the time and im a real cowboy fan

Adian Rivera

Miss you Cole Beasley hope we play buffalo what ever we play them

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