Special Edition: Returning Home to Face Dolphins | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jacob Frias Reply


Greg Blevins Reply

Get rid of the stupid symbol beat that is equal in volume to Jones voice, what is going on with these so called producers?

    Nintengo 1985 Reply

    Greg Blevins then show us how it’s done Gregory.

    Alex Alvarado Reply

    Your sentance makes absolutely no sense

    Greg Blevins Reply

    @Nintengo 1985 Okay, here goes, ” turn down the symbols”. How was that? I’ve written and recorded about 130 songs professionally, It’s not difficult for someone who makes a living to TURN THE SYMBOLS, OR ANY OTHER BACKGROUND NOISE, DOWN. Thank you for asking my friend.

DAK ATTACK from New Orleans La Reply

Taco Charleston sign with the Miami Dolphins , I guess they want information on the Dallas Cowboys defense lol

Jesse's Picks Reply

“Hats off to Jason?”

Silver Ancient Reply

Hope the Cowboys don’t underestimate the Dolphins.

    The Second Mexican Empire Reply




Tim Fuller Reply

I wish we could have got at least a 4th round draft choice or something

bobby Mercado Reply


Mike Artillery Reply

The fake laugh from these guys is weird, uptight sticks…

    Stephen Garrett Reply

    lol when do they laugh??

Fadj Darwish Reply

Go dallas cowboys all the way to the super bowl

terry moody Reply

Come on Dallas, just stay focused, and do what you do best!

AJ Tautolo Reply

Should have took TJ Watt. He was still on the board.

    Leonard White Reply

    AJ Tautolo yep will never forget that. Passed TJ right up

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