Special Edition: Bye-Bye Oxnard, Hello Hawaii | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Special Edition: Bye-Bye Oxnard, Hello Hawaii | Dallas Cowboys 2019

wrapping up camp in Oxnard, Calif., Lindsay Draper, Nate Newton and Rick Gosselin assess team’s progression, along previewing team’s next preseason against the Rams in Hawaii.

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Carl Smith

How bout them Cowboys!!!

Antonio Johnson

DC4L 💪🏽


Aloha cowboys I cant wait i been to Hawaii 3 times it was awesome each time visited 3 different islands

Hollywood Dutch

N.Y. Dutch Great Adventures subscribe

Alex Alvarado

Maher got to go he mr.5050

Vicho Torres

Direct to super bowl 54

Robert Bennett

Best part of the vid was love for Tuinei at the end. And listening to Kris Richards smackdown on Gary Brown.
I swear, it ain’t no wonder this defense is gonna be stacked AND pumped this season.
That guy is a dynamo.

    Raudi Juan

    Between Coaches Richards and Marinelli the defense is going to be pumped.


Fan since 1973 – it’s not if the DC win or lose in pre-seaon, it’s how they play…and they didn’t play that well the first game. Even with a loss it was ugly. M White can go away. They need to look at other FG kickers. The defense will be fine. But with 3 to go I hope to see improvements – win or lose….

Charlie Bustillos

Stephen Jones you are starting off wrong if you don’t pay Zeke at least 16 million every year until he gets injured but got you a Super Bowl appearance! You would have done more than your father! Every sons legacy is to be better than the money they inherited!


🤔…. *WTH* are the Cowboys on a vacation tour?

    Joshua Branson

    They play the Rams in Hawaii its not like they scheduled to play there


    @Joshua Branson …. Umm, I was being a little facetious. But thank you anyway.

tracy harri

Wrong bout preseason it a good time for vets to nock dust off and get and veteran’s to get a feel of newbies

Joseph Murdock

Got to get these deals done. First

Marine Wannabee hooo raah!!!

I can’t wait for my team the Dallas Cowboys to come to the Aloha Stadium and I heard they flew into Hawaii and I’m going to that game with my Cowboys hat and jersey

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