Sounds of the Game: Week 3 vs Browns | NFL Week 3 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Heathead721 Reply

LETS GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William Deemer Jr. Reply

Sooooooooooo Nice 👍

Brendon Gabriel Reply

Clay Matthews is ballin´ man !!!!! let´s go baby !!!!!

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    😍 Fifty Deuce.

    Phil Uplin Reply

    Yep. And doubters said he was too old.

    Go Rams!

    DanTheRamFan Reply

    He has more sacks already than he did all last season

Fredoh ACR Reply

Keep this Gold Content coming 🤘🏽🤘🏽 Go Rams

Make The Lakers Great Again Reply

Rams all day !

Annette Mendoza Reply

Love the Rams there’s no one man show they play as a team and everybody’s equal and get the job done LETS GO!!!!


3-0 just like i knew we would before the season started……
Everyone said clay fell off!!!
He has a sack in everygame

    conni70 Reply

    and after next week they’ll be 4-0…Bucs are coming to L.A…

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    Fifty Deuce! ☺


    Speedyreedy1218 aka goldy locks

    Drip Bayless Reply

    Clay is ballin

manderson77721ma Reply

Great team win rams house 🐏🐏🐏

conni70 Reply

Rams are going back to the Super Bowl

SOX X Reply

Clay, Clay, Clay all day bebe… hahahah GO RAMS!

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    Fifty Deuce! 😊

Speedyreedy1218 Reply

E Dub!

USAFDeathFromAbove Reply

Who else got the chills watching this? Horns Up!!

OG G Reply

Who’s house ?

Phil Uplin Reply

Rams been putting up great videos. Thanks!

Go Rams!

SteadyROK Reply

AD should’ve got at least 3 during this game. He was every where!!!

    Brendon Gabriel Reply

    If AD was not double or triple team almost every game, he will probably gonna average 3 sacks per game kkkk

Jordan Partiss Reply

I need the WR coach to be my alarm clock! God from the past 3 years he’s always gotten me hype more than anyone

Erik Delgado Reply

“We got yo back O” 🙏🏼💯💯🔥🔥

mike jackson Reply

Jared Goff is better than Wentz! Stop playin its shouldnt even be a question.

Arrhenius Reply

That’s a nice looking route Cooper Kupp

KingAceLakers Reply

Clay Matthews, LA Native, dominate. Yeah, Boy!!!

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