Sounds of the Game: Week 2 vs. Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Very Good Team Win‼️ Goff, TG3, Coop, Weddle, Cooks, NRC, Malcolm B, TRAPP, Brockers, JoJo, MP…On To Cleveland


    Erick put them muts in dat pound

Cristela Zapata

Todd gives me chills! #BEAST 💙💛

Clash Of The Horns

Rams Rammed the Saints, time to move on and humble the wannabe champs the Browns

    Shandon Rolle

    Im pretty sure everyone wanna be champs

HookEmHeavy Fishing

More in-game sound please, less commentary and music. Thanks! #Rams4life


Goddamn its so refreshing hearing JB Long commentating these big plays and not Joe Buck.

Dude Ranch

Glad I was there live! GO RAMS GO!!!

    Fated SMB

    Dude Ranch yeah I love that profile pick too


Hope Clay has a good game playing where his papa once did in Cleveland.

Ramiro Lepe Jr

🤘🐏 bout to be 3-0 let’s goo!!!


Let’s go!!!!!

Slippah Rippah

Coop is Back!!!!!!!

Kainen Riley

Best team in the NFL

Kainen Riley

Super Bowl

M Bags

Super Bowl or bust. Go Rams

Brandon R

Love you Rams!!

Andrew Fellenbaum

Did I see talib in the begining?

Andrew Fellenbaum

AD99 and Clay Mathews. Badass.

Greg Rhodes

Thank you RAMS for losing those nasty piss yellow uniforms and getting back to white n blue..😊👍😊


It’s funny how coaches and players leading up to big games like this always say, “its just another game” and there’s no rivalries but as you can see that’s just not true lol. They’re human just like anyone else and get caught up in the emotions, I like seeing that.

James Maradiaga

Soldiers at war son…. gotta love football.

Fredoh ACR

Just an idea for the Rams media & marketing team. How about more Content on stadium progress, maybe a video update every month on the stadium progress and features. Im sure more Stadium Content will attract more attention for possible SSL’s

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