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Darius Jackson

When you have great coaches, and after you have great coaches you get great players, and a great organization, and you tell em one thing………. JUST WIN BABY!!! LETS FUCCIN GO RAIDERS⬜️⬛️☠️💀⚔️



    Hans Moleman

    people don’t use the full quote often enough, hell yeah buddy

    Enzo Woah

    Kudos to you my boy. Al Davis’ memory shall never die

    Frank White

    Just Win Baby!!!!!



David Yost

Time to man handle the Chiefs🙏

    Ronney Augustine

    I dont know about that *chief*


    Stay humble, or get humbled.

    Robert Jackman

    You already know!!!!

    Robert Jackman

    We’re balling on the chiefs.

    Chiefs 15
    Raiders 25

    Mahomes throws 1-3 INTs


Raider Nation for Life!!!!

Mike Johnson

Let go get win # 2 fellows!! Just win baby!!

Robert Thompson

Yes sirrrrrrrr… If we establish a running game against the chiefs, we will win.. Jacob’s is the next emmitt Smith


    Wow! Emmitt is in my top 10 GOAT RBs! I was thinking more a hybrid of Clinton Portis and Tiki Barber but I hope you’re right

    Kevin J

    I was worried about our offense against the Broncos because we should’ve put more points on them than we did I think. This game against the Chiefs is gonna be the Battle of the Offenses. Defense will matter but neither QBs will need to worry too much because of their offense lines. What it’s gonna come down to is who has the better QB, better rungame, and better recievers. Let’s hope that’s us, because this game is important and if we win, that’s gonna mean we’re high contenders on winning the AFC West and having an incredible record. This game is gonna dictate how the rest of our season will go.


    @Kevin J I have to be honest I had us 1 & 1 after week 2 before the start of the season. I didn’t think it would be possible with a cancer like AB in our locker room to beat the Chiefs. But you are right, obviously if we get the W at home vs AFC runner up that sends our confidence sky high and sends a message to the league we aren’t messing around for the next few weeks with that early brutal road schedule.


Damn I miss greg papa


    @SmithsnMoz Yeah, he was rooting for the Broncos even though he’s the voice of the Raiders, and showed excitement every time we made a big play. Makes perfect sense. All that was was him making a comment about Flacco holding on the ball too long, which he did. Stop jumping to conclusions.


    @the_ultimate_oreo .. Is this you Brent MUSHMOUTH!?? 🤣🤣🤣 HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU, BUT NOBODY LIKES HIM!👎👎👎


    ​@SmithsnMoz Speak for yourself, numbnuts. I’ve started to warm up to him. Yeah he’s not Greg Papa, yeah I didn’t agree with letting him go, but he’s gone, and he’s been gone for over a year now. Time to move on, or there’s another team in the Bay Area for which he’s broadcasting games that you can flock to. I’ll let you figure out who that team is. The rest of us are gonna stay here though, as members of RAIDER NATION.


    @the_ultimate_oreo .. You idiot! 🤣🤣🤣You’re the only one who likes that old geezer! He doesn’t give a crap about the Raiders! Raiders should’ve got their Voice of the Future not this has been!


    @SmithsnMoz Well, they didn’t. Get over it, or don’t listen to the games. Plain and simple. You’re the only one looking like an idiot here, for accusing the voice of the RAIDERS of cheering on the BRONCOS, based on something he said after a play which was TRUE. Flacco held onto the ball for 6 seconds (I counted) and took a sack. If Derek that, you’d be saying exactly what “MUSHMOUTH” said about Flacco on that play. Seriously, how dumb do you have to be dude? 😂

Wulfenacht Wulfenacht

1 Dislike Was Vic Fangio 🤣

    Joey Franchise

    Wulfenacht Wulfenacht or AB 😂

    Joshua scott

    @Joey Franchise yea


    2 dislike from Von Miller not getting a sack 😂

    Joshua scott

    @DJ_Alax909 I thought he likes the raiders cause the positive talkd

Enzo Woah

I love this team so much. Let’s shock everyone! Raider Nation 24/7

Devil Shoez

Put up Man coverage middle and deep, and Maholmes wont have targets. Keep the pressure up front, make him use those legs just to run right into the loving arms of our linebackers.
Welcome to Oakland for the last time, Kansas City!

    Curtis Freeman

    I love it, but most importantly gotta keep him contained

    H R

    injure him if you have to! lol

mr dream breaker

Broncos fan beat the chiefs

Frank White

Everybody saying the Chiefs gonna blow us out, let’s show them some old school throw back Raiders football. Smother Mahomes, put him in the dirt, and run the ball down their throat, then blast em with some play action down field to TW. Let’s Go RAAAAIIIDERS!!!!

    Oakland Raider Trucker

    Well said!!!!!

    daniel prasad

    We gon Expose them RRAAAIIDDERRRS


    Frank White Mahomes losing sleep over Our defense

So Cal Raider

still not used to not hearing greg papa on the “TOUCHDOWN RAAAAIDERRSSSSSS!” ..😪

    Alejandro Flores

    I hated Greg Papa’s voice.

    Bad Cornflakes

    @Alejandro Flores I loved it

Big H

Great first win for the squad. Mo Hurst on that promo though at the end? Surprised me with that voice


    Lol I’ve heard it before and I’m still surprised every time


Chiefs Defense not as good as Denver. Carr just needs to play under control. No turnovers. RUN THE BALL DOWN THE CHIEFS THROATs!!

Raider_d_ monte88

“From Oakland to Sac town, the bay area and back down, Raiders always lay that smack down, GIVE ME LOVE!” RN4L!

BP Lup

Worse Raider teams have beaten better Chief teams. Carr’s first win: 7-3 Chiefs v 0-9 Raiders.



    True that

    Raider Lou1990


Mike Riley

Any other fanbase would not show up for the final season in an old rundown stadium. Not Raidernation. Not us.

Brandon Valerio

Let’s beat the chiefs now, knock on wood if you’re with me!

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

they should bring the fans closer to the field in the new stadium like the blackhole so it can be LOUD ASF.

Ernesto L

Sounds of the game? Where was that wonderful AB chant?

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