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- S I L V A - Reply


Seb Kennedy Reply

That fumble recovery in the first quarter could be the turning point for our season, let’s go! DUUUVAL

    Evan D. Reply

    Sometimes all you need is one thing to go your way to turn everything around.

    Greg Van Gaasbeek Reply

    Yea! Give it up to #42 and #48 on that play.

    Edward Parton Reply

    @Greg Van Gaasbeek #42 Wingurd #48 Jacob

jt takes walls Reply

Go jagsssssa

Justin Hawkins Reply

We got that chip back 🙂 DDUUVVAALLLL!!!!!!

Justin Hawkins Reply

Going to be a fun and wild season. WE’RE BACK!!!!

Nate Reply

I don’t want the Jags to trade Jalen. That defense is still top notch, the organization’s front office needs to get off their high horse and make amends with the guy.

    A C J Reply

    They said they won’t trade him

    DingoAteMyBaby Reply

    Nobody even knows what was said to Ramsey. It could be legit disrespectful or Ramsey could just be crying over nothing. Only they know. _(•.•)_/

Nate Reply

Calais is already one of the greatest Jaguar players ever.

P JB Reply

great win. it was a long time coming.

Matrix55 Reply

go jags always and forever

Mainlandbandboy Reply

Can we keep Calais until he turns 100

SomeDumbCat Reply

1-2-3 OOIE!

Supahood 1800 Reply


Greg Van Gaasbeek Reply

Offense, Defense, Special teams were all firing that game💥💯

Marl Decost Reply

Calais and the D making Sacksonville great again!

Juslike Mo804 Reply


Donavan McElroy Reply

Marcus Mariota disliked this video… 😋

Super gamer Boy Reply

The one dislike is Marcia mariota

American 46 Reply

Calais and Gardner out here playing like damn American heroes!!

Rodney Lattany Reply

Like i said the jaguars aren’t dead they have the opportunity to play as a team not counting on one guy but battle as a cohesive unit. Make the playoffs then let Foles do what he does(finish it) with very little tape and video on him this season he’ll do what he does best wreaking havoc on the entire NFL ending Superbowl aspirations for adversarial opponents.

Jaxboy86 Reply

I want another shot at KC! Make it happen Jags!

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