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Kofa Blackknight

like if Jalen Ramsey is the best player on the jags

    s. greez


pearl Middleton

Max Jalen Ramsey out we need him please don’t let him go please


    No reason in keeping a player who WANTS to be traded

    James Bagwell

    Trade him away and fire everyone, there is no point in keeping these awful idiots. Do we want a major turnaround sooner or later?

    Mister Man

    I would have love for the jags to trade Jalen for Miami for Minkah Fitzpatrick and a 1 round. 22 years old and still on a rookie contract for 3 more years. Dam missed that 1

Charles Sweeney

We suck

Greg Van Gaasbeek

Minshew walked away like a boss after that runπŸ˜πŸ‘

    Russell Tapley

    And shoulda got half the distance to the goal added on with that face mask that was so obvious

    Donavan McElroy

    He’s really fun to watch!! I wish the 2 pt conversion would’ve been a pass from him instead of giving it Leonard…


We can’t get rid of Jalen 😭

    Mister Man

    If Miami still had Minkah i would have taken him in a second but i would also need a first round pick.

    Donavan McElroy

    What are our options? If we really could get two 1st round picks, it sounds like a fair trade, especially since he alledgedly wants out so bad… If he’s as disgruntled as he’s being portrayed, it doesn’t seem like it’d be good to have him hanging around.

Mr. Miami

The should of just kicked the field goal so they could of put the game in overtime

    Wiley Garner

    Or, not run the ball up the middle with Fournette which hasn’t been working all game. They should have just gave it to Gardner Minshew and let him make the play. He will either throw it or run it in. Either way, it was working very well, but no, lets go with what hasn’t been working all game. Seems like a great idea, lets do it…. -.-

    Donavan McElroy

    @Wiley Garner Yeah, that was an absolutely terrible call…

C Skidzy

3:06 the Texans mascot banging his head on the goal post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Donavan McElroy

    Haha! I completely missed that!! πŸ˜‚

Rabon Ragan

@1:19 Ball was on the ground. Throw the flag Marrone.


    Rabon Ragan he was short of the 1st down on that play didn’t need a red flag

    P JB

    the one that ramsey wanted to challenge….it looked like it didn’t touch the ground IMO. and i watched it over and over again.

    Donavan McElroy

    @P JB I completely agree with you! Ramsey was acting like a real fool after that… And besides, it’s Doug’s perrogative and job to challenge a play, not Jalen’s or any other player for that matter. Also, Doug is the most successful head coach in the entire league at challenging calls on the field.


Where’s Doug moron yelling at Ramsey?

Central Coast Climber

Was anybody else hoping the sideline fight was on here??


Duvall nation!!!

Brandon Jennings

We have to stay positive . Believe it or not the power of social media does play a part with the team and the players . These guys will turn it up . Rookie QB is looking as good as Bortles best year and Minshew just started . We have a good thing coming .

Juslike Mo804


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