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Sounds of the Game: Minnesota Vikings 34, Oakland Raiders 14

Get an inside look at some of the critical moments that led to the Minnesota Vikings' 34-14 win over the Oakland Raiders at U.S. Bank Stadium last Sunday, including bench sound and reaction, Paul Allen's calls, and more.

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dee sparks Reply

Keep up the great work 🥳🥳

captainredbeard77 Reply

VEN does it again! Such great content. I usually don’t get to hear PA on the call in my area. Love it!

Ryan Damon Reply


Michael Miller Reply

Let’s beat them Bears!!! #SKOL #Vikings

BaronVonBielski Reply

whats up with griffen having zero reaction to the Vikings scoring?

    TCplaya28 Reply

    Probably becuase he’s all about his business this year and he wasn’t surprised that we scored. Check that wink he gave after tho. He’s gonna kill it this year.

    Matt B Reply

    I took it more like “yeah we’re good” the wink says it all

Lingo Wop GBF Reply

Don’t get to hype . We still gotta play like this in Chicago . Let’s get to 5-1 before we get ahead of ourselves. This year can go just like last year

    Lingo Wop GBF Reply

    Yeah right . Until Khalil Mack , Lenard Floyd & Akeem Hicks put a beating on our QB .

    Richard Harper Reply

    @Lingo Wop GBF who?

    Lingo Wop GBF Reply

    I been a Vikings fan for 12 plus years . & every time we lose a big game it’s cause our QB gets fucked up .

    Farve in 2009 .
    Keemun in 2017
    & now Kirk . It’s not hard to beat us . We need to stop being so Damn predictable. Why you guys think the pats are in it every year ? Because they can play EVERY SINGLE FAZE OF FOOTBALL .

    Lilgrandechile Reply

    @Lingo Wop GBF Phase*

    Lilgrandechile Reply

    And yes we do need to stay humble, we have one tough schedule full off hard away games we haven’t seen much yet from Kirk and the best receiver Corp in the league

Noah Mann Reply

Keep it up! Early still very early 😅

Kameron Manning Reply


Skoldier Soup Reply

SKOL! Let’s bring this energy to Soldier field and take this division that is rightfully ours back!

    spaceman047 Reply

    Skoldier Soup we just gotta contain mitch make him throw the ball we let him run last year and made him look like a super star

    Natearl13 Reply

    Skoldier Soup That would require a Packers loss.

    Tenno Tube2 Reply

    Natearl13 that’s not happening the eagles suck

    Skoldier Soup Reply

    Hey eagles could bounce back. If theres a team the packers could lose to the eagles are one of them

    Natearl13 Reply

    Tenno Tube2 They have a chip on their shoulder. That team is scary all around.

Space Ghost Reply

They should’ve gave the run at the goal line to Cook. Why steal his TD run let him ball out

    Natearl13 Reply

    Space Ghost No one cares about your fantasy team.

    Space Ghost Reply

    Natearl13 I don’t play fantasy football

    CHR1SV1DS Reply

    It’s about rewarding the rookie’s hard work with a td. Giving him confidence. Just be happy Vikings have a two headed monster

    Space Ghost Reply

    CHR1SV1DS I’m talking about the Theilen run Alexander Mattison is a beast and would be a #1 back in any other offense

    Space Ghost Reply

    CHR1SV1DS reward players when they play out. Vikings are gonna have to pay both Cook and Harris, just look at the Melvin Gordon situation RBs play hard and physical and they should be paid like it.

Snow Tire Reply

Anyone watching the Chilly Report after this?

Seek Blu Reply

Panthers fan? 1:06

Bannercree Reply

Let’s hope the Vikings learn how to beat good teams like they did to them Raiders.

Pao Vang Reply

Guess who Vikings will bring back next. For me Kyle Sloter.


Skol all season!

IHoopfilms _ Reply

Love these videos 🥳

Stephanie Nicole Reply

What’s the white long strip on some of the players arms???

    Kyle S Reply

    I think it’s so they don’t skin up their elbows and stuff when they get tackled

    Ellie5621 Reply

    IDK, but if it was about protecting their elbows wouldn’t they cover both arms? I think it’s more like a support for their dominant hand/arm or whatever.

Joe Reinert Reply

Pound the beef!

WHO shotYA951 Reply

Let’s end the 1 quarter of the season 3-1 baby! #skol

Mags Mobile Reply

Great Win lets keep going#SKOL

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