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Sounds of the Game: Minnesota Vikings 28, Atlanta Falcons 12

Get an inside look at some of the critical moments that led to the Minnesota Vikings' 28-12 win over the Atlanta Falcons at U.S. Bank Stadium last Sunday, including bench sound and reaction, Paul Allen's calls, and more.

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Trevor Kruse Reply

This year’s team is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

MafiaboysWorld Reply

Let’s go and smash those Packtards this week! SKOL!

~M Reply

Dalvin I’m in love SKOL
So is his Wifey ….


I can’t wait for Sunday! #Skol!

kmk3910 Reply

DCook saying they ready to give up. Beast status

aaron afre Reply

I hope diggs is healthy

    Darrell Campbell Reply

    And Dalvin Cook stay healthy.

    aaron afre Reply

    @Darrell Campbell right!, seriously

    Cole Trickle Reply

    I hope for all the health. And Mac Alexander gets back healthy quick.

    aaron afre Reply

    @Cole Trickle coming back “quick” from a dislocated elbow equals 4 weeks . SMH

Skoldier Soup Reply

Let them doubt us. This team got dogged all last year. Were back with a vengeance! SKOL

George Jefferson Reply

Keep this energy and confidence all season!

Rahiem Bush Reply

🎶Take these broken wings, & help them fly again🎶 Lol SKOL

Lauryn Rock Reply

Love sounds of the game!!

makesyouthink Reply

I hope the Falcons are legit and we’re just that good.

josh leach Reply

Plucked them dirty birds fo sho. SKOL VIKINGS !!!!!!!

Rex Rogers Reply

Time to settle the score with Green Bay! SKOL!!

Ana Castellano Reply

I’m a Ravens fan, but the Vikings are my guilty pleasure because I watched all the episodes of 96 Questions lol

    Chick Filla Reply

    Respect from a Vikings fan and a 96 questions fan lol SKOL!

    b metrix Reply

    And because you like purple.

Darrell Campbell Reply

Look out Aaron Rodgers because Minnesota defense is coming to bring hell in Lambeau field.🔥🔥🔥🔒🏈💯

Chick Filla Reply

Time to get Rodgers other calvical!! #RodgerswalksintoaBarr

XD Productions Reply


*3 Hours later.*

Mike Knudsen Reply

Bring it on Packers! SKOL!

Aaron Storm Reply

I know it’s early but there’s just something about the energy we brought into this game that makes me think we’re gonna be a scary team this year

b metrix Reply

28-0 midway into the 4th quarter. Wow.

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