“We already got it in our hearts, it’s already here. Now let the world feel it!”
🔊🆙 for Sounds From The Sideline of the #DallasCowboys week 16 victory vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. #TBvsDAL #NFCEastChamps

#DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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69 replies on “Sounds from the Sideline: Week 16 Buccaneers vs. Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys 2018”

  1. “Good news is cowboys are in the red zone, bad news is cowboys are in the red zone ” 😂😂😂 Brad Sham is the goat 🐐 🐐 🐐

  2. Bucs have one of the WORST defenses in the league. And the offense only scored 20….6 from our kicker. This offense needs to get it together. Or Seattle will eliminate us in the first round.

  3. 1:28 LOL Y’all see how excited Rod Smith was for his little bro outrunning everybody down the sideline? WOOOHOOOO LOL

  4. Kris Richard is about to have the test of his life prepping our defense for the first round test against his former team

  5. I love when dak says is his fault, a winner don’t look excuses is a great leader he always encourages his teammates like this the match, that’s why I still believing in him

  6. What the heck, let’s keep the momentum going & go up to NY & beat the brakes off the Giants! #BacksStillAgainstTheWall

  7. Should of been a blowout seriously, the refs gave us bad calls I mean delay of game on defense wtf 😒😒 how can a defense delay the offense from saying hut hut. If the defense isn’t ready the offense can say hut I seen this alot where the defense isn’t all lined up and the qb hurries up to say hut, but last night wtf was that

  8. One Team” One Dream” One Goal” Keep the dream alive and the winning spirit” Dreams die on dead faith! Good Performance Cowboys”

  9. Dak absolutely knows what he’s doing wrong. He is going to be one of those that truly grows with time I really wish he had Romo as a mentor there

  10. “rishards” Wow! You’re such an expert on the subject, you can’t even spell his name right you dumb Mexican. Learn the game first before you attempt to comment.

  11. Yes, either Romo or Aikman. Just get rid of Kellen Moore as a QB coach. Dak needs veteran QB mentorship and then he’ll definitely win a few Superbowls for us.

  12. Andrew Fleming how about you give of a name then lol. A lot of cowboys fans want Richard as HC for his attitude… of course if you can find me a better coach yes I’d take him over Garrett but all you said was a coach with attitude lol. Garrett is passionate and great at motivating his players I think he has attitude he just doesn’t curse players out during the middle of the game for you to see cause it really doesn’t do that much good

  13. Hes a good leader and “back against the wall” player, but can he make the important throws. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him throw an accurate comeback route to the sideline(important first down pass). . . If Dak doesnt impress in the playoffs well. . . Eagles might go all in on Foles, making Wentz a viable option.

  14. +imnotaterrorist honestly I think Garrett is like super bipolar. I like some moves and some I don’t. But I definitely agree on the Offensive Coordinator. That should definitely be changed lol.

  15. +Ali Muhammad you’re a idiot he will be starting in Dallas next year, winning quarterbacks arent lying around the nfl.

  16. thegorn68… coming from a butthurt that’s only here to talk about spelling and make racist comments you sure know a lot about football.

  17. jarjon76… yea I love me some Dallas cowboys, I do get hyped when they play beast. I don’t just sip a cup a tea and golf clap. You should try it, it’s a great stress reliever.

  18. Senju Kidd how did the saints do against the bucks recently,boo? You need to relax! We won! Be happy and enjoy it .

  19. Recognizing mistakes is one thing, correcting them another. It’s past time Dak corrects the same mistakes he makes repeatedly- like stepping back into sacks instead of up in a pocket – like not seeing wide open receivers – like throwing late, high and behind – overthrowing wide open receivers on deep balls – like panicking to a check down for 5 yds on 3rd and 9.

  20. cowboys& Cr7 Txbaby I’m a huge cowboys fan and he sucks right now he has a lot to learn. He don’t deserve a big contract. What would the record be if we had Romo

  21. If Irving is good to go against Seattle boiiii Seattle is gonna have a long day. Just need extra DLineman upfront to crowd that running mf. And Dbacks can’t let off their man cause once Russ breaks a play he always somehow finds a man deep down field!😤😤 As for Cowboys offense they have so much potential they haven’t put together still for some reason smfh. They needa keep running Elliott not those check down throws. Move Beasley around with the quick cuts he has. Amari will do his thing no worries💪🏽 Gallup gotta step up big time even tho it’s asking alot for a rookie but he has damn good talent and hands. AND lastly as for ol Dakota he’s gotta get that ball out faster man he’s killing alot of drives and putting the team in tough situations 🤦🏽‍♂️. I believe Dak can get it done it cannot all be on Zeke. This playoff run will be one for the books. Seattle better watch out! #CowboysNation

  22. Spursman99030507 Dak is one of the most sacked QBs in football. If we had Romo he would go down with an injury and Dak would replace him regardless

  23. Senju Kidd with today’s rules I see it different and also he would be fully healed not to mention he would not run and give himself up

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