Sounds From The Sideline: Week 1 Giants vs Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dirk is the GOAT bro!! Love him!!!

    Quincy Greedy65 Reply


First Name Last Name Reply

The brotherhood of this team reminds me of 2016 😢😢 hopefully the season is just as good and ends better

    jdfields711 Reply

    @Infinite XVII It was “special” because it was Demarco Murray’s final contract year and Cowboys front office said F*ck it lets give him 30-40 carries per game. He’s gonna be gone anyways

    mario Reply

    Infinite XVII 2014 was our year offensively but compared to 2019 and 16 it’s no where near close

    roberto5red5rocky Reply

    I must be hearing things… Did a young ,star , ProBowl reciever just say “We all gotta eat” ??? So he wants everybody to get balls and not just him? WTF… Coop better retire a Cowboy!

    Fadey Suleiman Reply

    I hope to God it is 😓😓🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥🔥🔥

    Devin Hill Reply

    Dont count out Kellen. He was a mastermind nearly undefeated in college.

Asmodeus Reply

“Was that easier than philly?” .. “easy money, baby” 😂😂😂

    Joshua Martinez Reply

    Lmaoo that dam deflection will always be remembered #CowboysNation

    Michael Steele jr Reply

    Go Cowboys

Showtime Sports Consulting Reply

Talent aside, The chemistry is what separates this team from most. Randall Cobb fits in with that group beautifully.

    Nehemiah Alvarado Reply

    Yeah thought he had been playing with the cowboys for years considering how good he was doing

    roberto5red5rocky Reply

    William Phelps I meant his un-selfishness

    William Phelps Reply

    @roberto5red5rocky I agree. His reasoning is sound also.

    Michael Blackmoxvevo Reply


    Hapa Kope Reply

    @Devin Hill Cooper’s a given

Brandon Espinoza Reply

Did anyone see Jason talk to dak that’s what he needs👍 now that’s a coach

    Jimmy Brown Reply

    Jason problem is even if they was losing nd Dak was fucking up… He still would had said same thing…

    jarjon76 Reply

    He does that more often than you think. We just don’t see it.

    jarjon76 Reply

    @Jimmy Brown No he wouldn’t. You have this silly perception of Garrett that simply isn’t true.

    Jimmy Brown Reply

    @jarjon76 its not perception… just truth… keep watching whn they losing nd everybody playin like trash… he will be on sideline clapping his hands saying good job team… or just go back to all games they lost under his watch not hard to find out….

    Devin Hill Reply

    @Brandon Espinoza and theres nothing stronger than a Dallas family. I see Dak connecting like Aikman did.

Fernando Ramirez Reply

3:47-3:53 coopers mentallity and advise to Gallup is championship material

    David texas Reply

    Hes not thinking with his ego. Hes thinking what it takes to win.

    Jose Garcia Reply

    Every time Gallup plays it’s more likely he’s going to be [is] our next Alvin Harper.

    justin eslick Reply

    @Jose Garcia I said that same exact thing to my buddy Sunday night.

    Jay Jones Reply

    @Jose Garcia he’s going to be better than Alvin Harper. If argue he’s already better. He’s all around better, his route running, RAC etc. Gallup has turned into a #1 WR and would be the best WR on most teams in the NFL. And by the end of the year he might be the best WR on this team. No disrespect to Cooper.

    Derrick Miles Reply

    @Jay Jones In about 4 years he will be the best receiver in the NFL. Put money on that buddy.

dont trip Reply

Cooper’s right when everyone’s making plays there’s no way they can scheme for that…I like that

    Mark James Reply

    And he’s saying it to Gallup. Dude can’t have a better mentor.

    TechHeadIV Reply

    @Mark James Gallup has Cooper (and Cobb). Jarwin (and Schultz) has Witten. Pollard has Elliott. Plus, LVE has Lee. These young guys better take advantage of this knowledge gold mine.

    David Robertson Reply

    Im so f’n excited 4 this season. So much talent, so many weapons, so many quality mentors & NOW. FINALLY. A good play caller. Philly roster is so stacked i cant wait 4 that game. Its going 2 be a banger. + we get them twice a season. Good time to b a boyz fan.

    Qhemist Reply

    and when they think they can, zeke is gonna run it right down the middle for a TD

    William Phelps Reply

    @Jimmy Cline We needed all the play-action A LONG TIME AGO. Everyones so worried about Zeke it opens up the receivers.

Liljoker Reply


Cecil Hurt Reply

I was saying everybody is eating while I watched the game, then to see Cooper say the samething gave me chills, this team is looking special talent aside they seem to have a chemistry and bond that can’t easily be built or broken, lets enjoy the ride dallas fans.

    amv1231 Reply

    Hell YEAH… I couldn’t believe just how many of them were touching that ball.. it was beautiful ..

Adrian V Reply

Remember when amari copper was quiet and shy? Now he’s excited and already thinking about the playoffs.

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    @High Vibrations You would be to if you were getting ready to be paid

    High Vibrations Reply

    @Lava LifeGuard I suppose so but I mean he seems to be happy with the team.

    InsightProject Reply

    Dude just wants to play ball, probably doesn’t like doing media stuff but he has to. He’s gonna act natural around his teammates, especially if he likes his team.

    Primetime7 Reply

    InsightProject right cause he’s always been quiet

    InsightProject Reply

    He’s still quiet and shy… in the media

thelastminutegifts Reply

DLAW slamming his corners/safeties for not celebrating 🤣 😂

Keep bringing the intensity… Defence will wake in a a game or two. Let’s go Cowboys!!

    Rob Host Reply

    thelastminutegifts just hopefully awake for the saints week 4, we won’t need them until then

Sarah B Reply

gotta love Dak- he’s just a great leader and a great dude, on and off the field.

Antbeast23 Reply

Too many weapons. Once the defense plays elite watch out

    Mark James Reply

    Overall the defense didn’t play bad. they got punched on the first possession, then put the clamps down and held em to a punt, punt, turnover on downs, field goal, fumble, punt, punt. Looked up and it was 35-10 before they let their foot off the gas in the 4th.

    Antbeast23 Reply

    @Mark James the run defense was eh nd they weren’t getting much pressure. They weren’t themselves the first game. Gave up a lot of yards. Hope to see some turnovers too.

    Connman 8d Reply

    @Antbeast23 Truth, but they were excellent on third downs and clamped down in the red zone. At the end of the day, you’ll take it. This offense has proven they don’t need the defense to stimey the opposing team all game long. Just hold them to a couple of field goals where they would have wanted touchdowns, maybe take the ball away one or two times, the offense will put the game out of reach. Obviously the Giants aren’t a great football team, but the Cowboys did what they should do against bad teams, they curbstomped the Giants. I can’t wait to see what this team is really made of week 4 when they travel to New Orleans. You know NO wants revenge for what the Cowboys did to them last season.

    Antbeast23 Reply

    @Connman 8d 3rd down defense was good. But they didn’t play elite lol. It’s the first game tho. I expect them to play better

    Trigger Warning Reply

    @Antbeast23 they weren’t elite but holding a team to 17 is always a good thing.

Max Reply

Wow it makes me real happy to see Amari cooper comfortable with this team and talking how he is with the receivers Oakland made a huge mistake thank you though lol

Dark Prince Reply

“We all gotta eat, so when we get to the playoffs – they can’t scheme.”[on us.] Amari Cooper #19

    Primetime7 Reply

    Dark Prince bruh ima use that quote on an essay watch😂

Alberto Sebastian Soto Salas Reply

Man I really love this team LET’S GO BABY LET’S GO COWBOYS


“Was that easier than philly?”

I see what u did there Dak

    Joel Ortiz Reply

    JAR DZNS I don’t get it explain plz

    Isaiah Justice Reply

    @Joel Ortiz haha he’s talking about when Cooper had that winning TD last year vs the Eagles

Luis_Is _Goated Reply

Our WR core nasty 🤷🏾‍♂️🔥

    John Stone Reply

    @Aajish Marahatta they suck cocks

    Barber ShopPole Reply

    John Stone Ayy look what happens when you do stuff like this? Brown is facing a rape charge

    Luis_Is _Goated Reply

    John Stone lmao you’re probably a bandwagon and can’t name your whole offensive starters 😂

    Luis_Is _Goated Reply

    Mario Hernandez thank you brotha

Mark James Reply

“We all gotta eat. If we all eat, they can’t scheme for us”

I freaking love how unselfish Amari Cooper is. And Gallup just soaking it all in. You know that resonates with the entire receiving corps.

    Devin Hill Reply

    The amount of experience Dallas has built in this team is impressive. Witten as the TE and role figure is gonna be unbelievable

    OTM WEB Reply

    Your so right and it’s nice to see how excited he is. He didn’t have that excitement with the raiders

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