Sights and sounds from the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys week 4 game vs the Detroit Lions.

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58 replies on “Sounds From The Sideline: Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions | Dallas Cowboys 2018”

  1. +Deztro it’s from an episode of family guy where a kid pulls down Peter’s pants and Peter says “raaaanndyyyyy”

  2. Dak stepped up, Zeke ate, defense can do better but did alright & Maher with the game winner‼️

  3. Yeah. I always say, let the Boys lose 3 games and have Richard go off every time and then see how it comes off then

  4. kung fu kenny damn i didnt get it till i read your second comment now i cant stop laughing cause i remember lmao

  5. D-line doing good could be better Tank needs help from hot boys. Linebackers will continue to improve. The secondary is where we need to vastly improve, particularly the safety position. Too many big plays, blown coverage and taking bad angles.

  6. Cowboys earned the victory! Always more work and improvement to be done but I will take any win! We have to start better and faster to get ahead of our opponents in order to maintain more momentum during the entire course of the game.

  7. I wanna see more sideline shenanigans from Chris Jones and L. P. Ladouceur. They seem hilarious and God knows they have plenty of downtime over there.

  8. Hold up that is zek hypeing us up before the the game hell yeah this what we need dlaw getting hyped yes we need this

  9. It’s good to hear the mic up on this week I’m pretty sure last week it didnt sound like this and that’s what makes the difference you got to inspire you got to connect with your group and hearing the defensive coach that’s why the defense has been so great lately and dak is talking to his players that’s what made the difference this week keep it up

  10. Need the defense too create some turnovers now. No interceptions yet. Ultimately that’s a defense job is to get turnovers and get touchdowns. That would help the offense a lot. Bend don’t break defense needs to turn into a dominant defense. The front 7 is nice but need the rest of the guys to step up.

  11. We’re Super Bowl Ready..let’s Go Cowboys it’s our Year too Shine.. Hot Boyz 💯👁️ God Grace

  12. Gotta work him back in to the plays. He just got signed last week. I would expect to see more from him this week

  13. Defense played better than it looked on paper. The Lions’ Receivers made so many circus catches for first downs it was unbelievable. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it.

  14. +Jochen Schütz pretty sure all football coaches yell at their players when they’re not doing what they’re suppose to be doing

  15. Felony Strutter You are not reacting in the manner a rational individual would do so. I am legitimately concerned for you. There is no reason to get this emotional over the topic of whom should be the head coach of the Cowboys. I hope you can get some help.

    And I am by no means opposed to engaging in logical and evidence-based argumentation, but the extreme emotion you use, the insults, it leads me to think that you are either too invested in Jason Garrett being the HC, or something else related to that. We’re Cowboys fans, so don’t go on rants like this.

  16. I thought it was L.P. next to Jones while they were high-fiving their teammates as they were running out, but it’s actually Geoff Swaim. Still funny though. I’d watch that reality show.

  17. Joeys WorldTour – As long as he’s “eating” and producing like he always does….he can look as crazy as he wants lol.

  18. jarjon76 he yells like I do???, what kind of comment is that?!, Kris Richard is the type of coach that will address issues/miscues right away!, he will not give those guys a free pass, and he shouldn’t!

  19. Michael Blackmoxvevo I wouldn’t get too sure about it, our defense needs to improve and there’s much more we need to prove

  20. They didn’t even bother throwing it Byron’s direction because he’s the human Snuggie. If Stafford had any sense, he wouldn’t have thrown at Chido either. Chido was all over all of those routes, but Stafford’s receivers made circus catch after circus catch.

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