Sony Michel: “I’m looking to get better” | 1-on-1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Titan Master Race Reply

Who said he needs to be in the passing game also what’s his # in the top 100?

    Kemba Jayson Brown Reply

    Titan Master Race did not make it

    jay wells Reply

    Under appreciated comment

    Thiago hoyer Reply

    I was just about to say that 😂.

Drew Feemster Reply

Do your thing bro 😤🔥

Nic Chester Reply

Go Dawgs

ken buck Reply

Looks like he leaned out a bit. More lean mass instead of the extra bulk he had last year. Hopefully he balls out

Euro Guy 85 Reply

So humble! Great to have a guy like him in the locker

ednegroni Reply

Just get him involved in the passing game, and he’ll do wonders for this offense.

Aaronn1738 Reply

Sony “PlayStation” Michel 🙏🏼

Nick18 M Reply

Got the Super Bowl 53 patch on my Michel jersey after they won

OfficialLiLMicK Reply

#PatsNation Let’s Go Pats! 💪

Johnny Lawrence Reply

I like this guy a lot. Hope he has a tremendous year.

Scniff Kenauser Reply

love Sony!!!!

Noel Newlon Reply

Good man.

Mister Kekahuna Reply


rachray83 Reply

Good to see Sony out there ready to go

Luis 24 Reply

Sony “PlayStation” Michel!

Eric Wiitala Reply

This kid is extremely talented… If he stays healthy and the O Line does their job, he has the ability to do something special this year. But health is always a question.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Sony, you are “in the TEAM” and one of the best …. Good luck for the next season!!!

Kirk Moore Reply

Photography is superb! Who’s the cameraman?

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