SoFi Stadium VIRTUAL LOOK From Midfield (360 Video) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Gabriel Roman Reply

This looks great

Victor Is a qT Reply


Jim Bob Reply

Awesome thanks

Jonathan 33 Reply

This is pretty awesome!

Theresa Resendez Reply

Wow! It looks great! I pass by there every week! It’s nice to see the inside

Eadith Reply

loved it

Dale Burrer Reply

This is a nice video. Thanks for showing

Bryan Lindsay Reply

You used the wrong Jets logo

    BigOleDrewSki17 Reply

    And Buccaneers wrong shade of red

Santiago El Luigi Reply

Please Rams Change The Logo

Alexander Howard Reply

This was so cool I can’t wait to see it in person

    Jack Robertson Reply

    Lol didnt know editing lost it

Heather Estes Reply

Go rams!

Alex Garcia Reply

Looks nice but that logo ugly 👎👎👎

Philip Herrera Reply

This is freakin cool!

Legend Reply

The hype is up for you rams I love y’all don’t disappoint us!

Eric Medeiros Reply

Looks like a drive inn theatre, how do the fans see with those screens in the dam way!?

    LA Ryan Reply

    IKR. Gotta get used to that low hanging oculus. Waiting to see how often a punt hits it. 🤔

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