So Apparently the Eagles Drafted Devonta Davis last night? #Shorts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Unni718 The G.O.A.T

That was funny AF when I watched it

Marky McNasty

People from Cleveland are different

Beast Guy

Imagine not knowing the heisman winner…

    Benjamin Forney

    And when it’s on the card

    Beast Guy

    @Benjamin Forney embarrassing dude 😂😂😂

    Benjamin Forney

    @Beast Guy ikr, just read the card


Devante def asking for a trade

    Ryan Reed

    @jam man, he’s happier with Jalen then he would be with trash Jones. And why would he request a trade after he was drafted like a day. Your just dreaming

    jam man

    @Ryan Reed why don’t you ask the guy with the og comment

    Ryan Reed

    @jam man, he was making a joke and have you seen Devonta? He’s happy with us, he literally asked “where’s the best cheesesteaks” and was happy to reunite with Jalen

    jam man

    @Ryan Reed bro I obviously don’t expect him to be traded I’m just saying it would be nice

    Ryan Reed

    @jam man, yeah but he won’t and it is nice, that Philly drafted him




Of course the social media dude on here had to clown this man even more than he already clowned himself LMAO

Roger Markham

surprised greeny didn’t say something right away

jam man

The fact that philly can’t even get his name right smh

TheBigCroc 64

Oh and remember when the Patriots drafted qb Mac Chase?

Tomasnomas 727

I thought I was the only one to hear davonte Davis

Max Murphy

You know it’s bad when the official NFL YouTube channel is clowning you 😭

Elijah Boi

Fool me won’t get fooled again (georgie’s bush)😂😂

Richard Gutierrez

You had one job

Carlos Armendariz

Lol and EDP just wanted a cupcake 🧁.


Fire howie

iS MaYOnAiSe aN iNStrUMenT?

Fire howie

cute_Scarr Games


Emma Bonn

I mean
It’s just the damn HEISMAN WINNER

red_blue gamer

Davis is a NBA player how would they man

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