Snowstorm Can’t Stop Mahomes! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Snowstorm Can’t Stop Mahomes! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Patrick Mahomes doesn't let the snow slow him down as he throws for 340 yards and 2 touchdown. The Denver Broncos take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Sim ?

*Up north is so lucky!! It never snows in New Orleans!!* 🙁

    Sim ?

    @El Sols you wanna trade for hurricanes & extreme heat?????

    El Sols

    Sim ? I never said that.. there are places in the us that exist without either of these extremes.

    keith Morgan

    El Sols yeah and those places are crazy expensive

    El Sols

    keith Morgan if you say so..

    Hello Stranger

    @El Sols air conditioning is more expensive than heat.


Patrick is going to be a tough out in the playoffs. So teams better not take them lightly.

    AJ Palmeri

    Susan Maggiora Just So we are clear the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the 16th ranked defense

    AJ Palmeri

    Susan Maggiora Lmao imagine thinking beating Drew Lock is a impressive win, And if you would have beaten joe Flacco you would have beaten a trash QB, The broncos have no offensive weapons outside of Phillip Lindsey, The only thing the Broncos have is a decent defense, And they aren’t going to be a top 8 or 9 defense because when they go up against good teams Mahomes needs to throw for 400 yards to win those games and sometimes he still doesn’t like with the Titians, Every defense can beat up on a bad offense


    @AJ Palmeri Chiefs are 3-0 when Patrick Mahomes throws for under 200 yards. They held the current MVP to one of his worst games of the season. And they are currently top 10 in sacks, picks, forced fumbles, total turnovers and defensive TD’s. You’re just wrong dude. Offense doesn’t have to score 26+ points anymore and the defense has beasted lately against Rivers, Brady and Carr, then Lock. Every one of those but Lock is no rookie QB. Try again.


    @AJ Palmeri Oh, and the Broncos WR making a late season push for All-Pro and who just passed 1k receiving yards (with three different QBs mind you) begs to differ. Get out of here with your nonsense. You have no clue what you’re talking about.


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Jerry Junior

Snow games are always the more fun ones.

Helemmelek and Zahay

Climate change can’t stop snow storm

    Ryan Goetz

    the snow came because of global cooling

    Susan Maggiora

    Ryan Goetz The snow came because it’s winter 🤦‍♂️
    None of what I just read from either of you is how climate change works.

    Helemmelek and Zahay

    @Susan Maggiora If it’s Winter adjust your Calender cos it should be January

    If the Earth orbits the Sun to give you the 4 Seasons

    Adjust the Sun to orbit the Earth to give you the 4 Seasons

    You have the Answers in front you just switch em around and

    You know what do after that ? 😀

Avocado Vlogs

Who else thinks Mahomes is still in the mvp race

If everyone that saw this subscribed it could change my life!!!! God bless you all !!!!

    Adele Gibson

    uhhhh, I think Lamar has that locked up….


    I don’t think he cares about the MVP he did that last year better than any one that’s ever played the position. It’s all about that super bowl trophy

Yo Yo

Mahomes>>> Tom Deflady

    Jake 0429

    amateurranconteur way better than Tom Brady could ever be at any point in his career.

    Yo Yo

    amateurranconteur mahomes doesn’t need the assistance of cheating

    corban Starkey

    @Yo Yo I mean Brady never cheated it can be scientifically proven he ain’t deflate footballs and all the film against the jets was confiscated after the fist game we played against them in 07 so yes I will give you belicheck cheated there

    Edwin Pena

    The video is about mahomes and you still talking about brady. How many times has your team lost to brady?


    @Yo Yo LOL.. no proof… people believe what they want to believe that it becomes “fact” in their minds… too bad

Chase Films

Kermit is at it again 😂

    Shane H

    Chase Films Kermit joke are old, man. You ain’t funny.

    Chase Films

    Shane H Oh oof sorry you think that.

the man

Skip to 2:00 minutes


man playing in snow is so cruel but wow the chiefs are sneaky

Hector Rodriguez

I still feel bad for him last season what could have been Kansas City versus Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl

    Salazar Payne

    That roughing the passer call tho….. ugh.

    woo baek

    If it were Kansas city in AFC, then it would have been Saints in NFC.


    @Salazar Payne That offsides…ugh.

ML Fitz

Mahomes makes things that no other NFL QB can do look routine.


    Mahomes is not even on the same level as Kirk Cousins. I dunno what you are smoking, dude.

Bloc Thief

Last season Mahomes > this year lamar

    James Fagan

    Vibe Come on man. You know that’s not true. One is top 3 ever. One broke the the rushing record for a QB. Lamar’s the MVP but don’t act like he’s as good as Mahomes. Talk to me in a year or two when they’ve figured out Lamar like they’ve done to every run first quarterback.

    Bloc Thief

    @Vibe wdym Alex Smith looked better than he actually is did you not see him on the redskins, he was great, had. a great chance at NFC East if only he didn’t get injured

    Darth Vader

    @Vibe You haven’t proved how Lamar is more dominant or harder to defend.

    Ronal Alcantara

    Lamar still struggles as a passer. Teams are so afraid of the run that play action is leaving guys wide open for him. If the Ravens get down by 2 scores in the playoffs and a team stuffs their run game then their season is probably over.

Spencer Doupe

That 2pt conversion was a work of art!


I love my Chiefs! Hopefully we can stay strong and make it into the playoffs and progress to the Superbowl! #CHIEFSKINGDOM

    Susan Maggiora

    CrazyAzzNate 🤞👍


Witnessing the best passer to ever step on grass and it feels good 😈

BillZ The Kid

1:26 97 got popped 😂


I was born in Kansas City and I have always been a chiefs fan even when they were bad, my first jersey being a Matt cassel Jersey. I am so happy to see them playing so well

    Josh Lingo

    I been a chiefs fan since I was 10 or 11. I loved Montana. Now I am 37. Go Chiefs !


    Hopefully god will help us this year!!!!!!!! CHIEFS AT 2020!!! LIV!!!


We gonna act like we did not see Mahomes make Von look silly😲😲


Mahomes is going home quick this coming postseason.

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