Slater, Cardona & D. McCourty react to Ryan Allen’s release | Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Justin Molina

Why do he leave noooooo

    The Bucko Himself

    @Jake Shattuck exactly, pats fans should be happy that Allen is gonna get paid


    The Bucko Himself gonna get paid? u mean if another team sign him

    The Bucko Himself

    @akosh1976 yep, like trent and flowers


    @akosh1976 teams always need a good punter. He will get signed no problem


    @Jake Shattuck You thinking Detroit or Tennessee? lol

Bossplaya2231 YT

Sad they would release such a loyal guy

*95 Savage* *95 Savage*

Gonna miss him

    Jake Shattuck

    Not after the new kid steps on the field. Allen was top 3 in the league last year but Bill thinks this new kid is better and knows he’s much less expensive.

    *95 Savage* *95 Savage*

    @Jake Shattuck That’s cool but still gonna miss allen regardless

Roger Bumface

Loved Allen but the new punter is better so they had to do it.

    Jake Shattuck

    Better and MUCH less expensive

    Noah Burden

    What if he isnโ€™t though

P Pumpkin

Slater, McCourty are getting long in the tooth, wonโ€™t be long before their day has come. Ryan will go on to make more money with another team. BB has never liked paying for kickers/punters.

    Jake Shattuck

    He’s easily top 5 in the league excluding young guys we haven’t seen. This kid is better which may be indicative of a new breed of punter. The Eagles have a punter with over a dozen different “pitches” in his arsenal of punts. The times they are a-changing.

Ricardo AssLips

I think the Pats know what they are doing



Scotty Dodd

Ryan was a good punter however Bailey is incredible. Classic B.B. thinking of all phases of the game. We have Bailey for 4 yrs. and he can also kick-off with that powerful leg!


I guess Detroit’s getting a new punter.

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