Six Stats to Know for Week 7 | Chiefs vs. 49ers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
The Legend

This is 🔥


Let’s Freaking Go Chiefs… huge opportunity to continue being the #1 offense


Going to be another battle. Niners defense no joke despite their injuries plus they have weapons on offense that can wreck a game..

Nicholas Dupont

Make CEH a slot receiver and trade for McCaffrey (too costly – yeah yeah).


    Or play CEH on 3rd down like Sproles and Jones-Drew type back. Screens, draws, and check down/pass catcher. Would also help with pass block. Give Pacheco the volume to wear down the defense a little more. Seems like common sense to me.

Doug Hanson

It’ll be a good one

Dean Machine1015

We got the best offense if we win people say. And are offense is looking great with are WRS, and are defense was not good cause Trent and fanton was out. So I hope we win

Dean Machine1015

Juju and hardman going off this season

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