Sitting down with Duron Harmon & Logan Ryan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Art Frank

Megan on the Lighter Side your legs are terrific

Gary Olafson

I think the Patriots will have a Great season this year. The secret is: it’s all about the Team + Teamwork.

Bill Nienaber

great interview. like to see more with x pats

Brett S

I miss Logan in that Pats jersey


J Mac better


That all Rutgers Secondary was Lit

Fatal Phenom

I miss Logan Ryan

    Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF

    You miss him giving up 13 yards on 3rd and 11

    Fatal Phenom

    @Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF He wasn’t great outside but he’s a good nickel. His last season with the Pats he played well.

John Conor

Pats fan here. Love those guys

John Reed

At 1st look I thought she had a patriots emblem on her dress

Jose Lopez

Logan Ryan looking like Jarvis Landry’s estranged twin

Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF

Sooooooooo glad Logan Ryan is no longer on the pats he was trash

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