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Sitting down with Duron Harmon & Logan Ryan

Duron Harmon and Logan Ryan had a chance to sit down with Megan O'Brien. They discuss how their bond, that started in college and continued with the Patriots, is still stronger than ever now that Ryan plays for the Tennessee Titans.

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Art Frank Reply

Megan on the Lighter Side your legs are terrific

Gary Olafson Reply

I think the Patriots will have a Great season this year. The secret is: it’s all about the Team + Teamwork.

Bill Nienaber Reply

great interview. like to see more with x pats

Brett S Reply

I miss Logan in that Pats jersey


J Mac better

Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Reply

That all Rutgers Secondary was Lit

Fatal Phenom Reply

I miss Logan Ryan

    Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF Reply

    You miss him giving up 13 yards on 3rd and 11

    Fatal Phenom Reply

    @Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF He wasn’t great outside but he’s a good nickel. His last season with the Pats he played well.

John Conor Reply

Pats fan here. Love those guys

John Reed Reply

At 1st look I thought she had a patriots emblem on her dress

Jose Lopez Reply

Logan Ryan looking like Jarvis Landry’s estranged twin

Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF Reply

Sooooooooo glad Logan Ryan is no longer on the pats he was trash

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