32 replies on “Silent Drill Platoon Performs At Halftime – Texans vs Jets – (11-22-15)”

  1. It’s the men and women of the military ex the Marines that make me proud to be an American support your troops

  2. One of the best halftime shows I’ve seen in a long time. I come from a long line of military family members. I am an Air Force brat myself and this is so awesome! My daddy is a Vietnam Veteran and I know how hurt he was when he came home to an ungrateful nation. I have made it my mission to always make sure those in the military know how much I thank them and love them for the sacrifices they have made for out freedoms. No soldier should ever come home to the hateful mess my dad came home to.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. watch marching bands is cool, but watching this is fucking impressive and just awesome. this is a true performance to watch.

  4. Silent is difficult to show! No music ritme, just count your steps! It’s amazing the discipline!

  5. I’m NOT American but the Silent Drill Platoon is not only the most impressive choreography of military precision but the most impressive choreography of ANYTHING in the world. I can’t believe Jet kickers came onto the field during the event! How disrespectful.

  6. My full respect for The Marines Drill Platoon – amazing job …… and I like the silence – make it all some special, right ?!!

  7. Wow. Amazing. No verbal commands or cadence? Are you kidding me? Total respect.

  8. @Eskimos oh yes thats why africa and india have such high quality of living standards oh wait. Britian was the most evil nation in the world American culture has spread all around the world even in britain your music is American along with your movies and fashion.

  9. @Eskimos lmaoo britain didnt stop slavery also Britain was one of the main benefactors of slavery and had slavey for much longer than the US around 300 years.

  10. @Eskimos Yall suck on your tea and crumpets and let the US handle the drill field

  11. @Eskimos Yeah. That March they were doing after getting their asses kicked out of this country really must’ve been beautiful

  12. The next Super Bowl halftime should be performances of our Armed forces bands!!!…enough of these so called musicians…..show off our Military talent!!…

  13. SILENT Drill Platoon?
    If they’re REALLY a silent drill platoon, why aren’t they wearing slippers?

    Seriously. though, on this the 75th anniversary of D-day, I am in mind of not only our British servicemen who gave their all so young, but those of our allies, and of the great sacrifices made by The United States Marines on many other beaches, more than made up for their absence from the Normandy beaches. At that stage in the war, they were fully occupied within The Pacific Theatre, and they weren’t there to picnic on the beach, God bless ’em.
    For those tempted to sneer at this platoon, ot our Guards units here in Britain, this ex Para who disliked parades is well aware that well-drilled soldiers are usually better soldiers, as they have developed the focus, discipline and well-ordered personal admin that is so important in the field when under stress.

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