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Nate Harris

It’s tough to put into words how much I love my team.

    Bell Iron Fist

    Lmao same dude same

    Pink floyd 2000

    Good players but the organisation is a disgrace To the nfl

    Nick Glantz

    @Pink floyd 2000 The organization sets the bar for the entire NFL, in fact it sets the bar for most American organizations. It’s built on hard work and dedication and you can see it in every player in their press conferences. They take lost players and turn them into professionals, they constantly strive for excellence.

    Nate Harris

    Pink floyd 2000 weep.

PnP dynamic

2:56 even the back half of Belichick is Intimidating AF lol #BENDTHEKNEE

    Ktime360 OG


    Ron Spragg

    Always on the prowl!

    miguel ornelas

    @Ktime360 OG wHHat! (*hank hill voice*)


    He’s cold and calculated.


19-0 if this team stay healthy let’s go Pats Nation!!!


    Please delete, don’t jinx it

Euro Guy 85

More coaches and players and less music and announcers, except Zo

Michael Ransom

Hey babe. Hey sweetheart. 🤣🤣

    W C


    Carlos R.

    I like Tom Brady and all but I think they get a little too close up there in New England. lol


    @Carlos R. yh brady can be a little odd in that sense. Oh well guess it’s just his personality ig lol

    Michael Ransom

    @Pumitri gotta show who Daddy is 😂

Isaac Willard

I think Brady just ate Max Kellerman’s cliff for breakfast

    br 1251

    A cliff bar.

    br 1251


    You know where I like it...

    At this point, I think Brady is diving off the cliff for a bit of recreational fun & then climbing back up for another go.

    Anna Angol

    Lol he also said Brady has a wet noodle arm.

Vincent Vaughan

I knew the PATRIOTS would win at their home stadium!

    david w dorr

    You should be proud that you went so waaaay far out on a limb, conglaturations.

    Shawn Wellington

    Every stadium is PATRIOT HOME…


Miami is in trouble this weekend. Bill doesn’t lets the team lose 2 years in a row.

    B Flynn

    wolley2012 70-10


    Miami promising to send Bill future stars if he allows a close game so Brian doesn’t get fired after their latest beatdown.

    Peter Lawrence

    There lucky that coaches Belichick’s friend or they could hang up 65 on them

Dayvien PLAYZ

I wish a steeLers fan would talk trash. It’s so fun hearing them attempting to make valid points. 😂😂

Prime Time

And people said Brady can’t throw a football.


    Who said that?

    Prime Time

    @Speedyreedy1218 I’ve seen numerous comments saying “Brady can’t throw the long ball” they accused him of having a “Noodle arm” I’m a eagle fan, but I always enjoyed watching Brady & the Patriots play football.


    @Prime Time Long ball. But they never said he couldn’t throw a football period.

    Prime Time

    @Speedyreedy1218 Well, now he proved that he can throw it long.

    Jason Stark

    Yeah they’re always saying he only dinks and dunks anymore. While he may not be mobile he’s plenty accurate on his throws…especially when he has the guys that can get free. I don’t like AB but I’m excited to see what he and Gordon can do together on the field.

Gen0 Sc0tT

This whole team looked unstoppable on Sunday night! Very scary for the league! Keep up the brotherhood men! 16-0 season?!

    Ironfangzu mean 19-0 right?

    Rusty Gunn 7

    One down, 18 to go. Undefeated is a very distinct possibility!

    m c

    We will see. They got a tough streatch later in the season, ravens eagles cowboys Texans cheifs. The 16-0 dream will be rough.

G Flo

Dats pretty much how our season is gona go..str8 domination #PATSNATION

Publius Cornelius Scipio

Number one Patriots fan from California.

    Mike Thomas

    Sorry pal🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ken Lagasse

3:33….. at 42 yrs young??? Simply amazing!! TB12#1

mic jam

Thanks Mr Kraft for making us all so happy!!   Let’s Go!!!

ken buck

To be honest drew is such a good dude. His spot got taken and wasn’t happy. No one would be but he helped out the guy who was taking his spot. And today they seem like close friends. Love the Patriots.


    Drew Bledsoe is a class act!!!


Drew saying to himself how the hell is my backup still playing lol


    Lmaooo big facts

Charly Gr. v.L.

Experience and trust…
Keywords for this season 👍👍

    Bee bee

    Charly, was meinst Du, wie wird das nächste spiel?


You really have to respect Brady and this dynasty, we’re seeing a once in a lifetime player and coach at work here. Better to just sit back and appreciate rather than hate.

    John Fay

    Nice statement I watched when they sucked Who knew? Giants were team up here in NE too young great history 80s 👍. Eli ??


    Can… I’ve said the same thing about the yanks this year man .. yes I’m a Sox fan

Rusty Gunn 7

One down, eighteen more to win. Number Seven is coming our way, baby!!!

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