Go behind the scenes of the Patriots 37-31 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

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69 replies on “Sights & Sounds: On the sidelines during the Patriots win over the Chiefs in the AFC Championship”

  1. We won’t see another dynasty like the Patriots and another GOAT like TB12 in our lifetimes, appreciate and enjoy it.

  2. KC Chiefs fan are such classless fans, they were using lazers at bradys face during the game and its not even being covered anywhere, wheres the outrage? if this had happened to mahomes in gillette it would be an international crisis.

  3. Even with a laser being pointed at his eye, he still led his team to victory on the road in a hostile environment. They must’ve forgotten TB12 is always laser focused. Stay classy Kansas City.

  4. 14-0 And all you hear is Tom yelling “0-0!”
    That’s all you need to hear to understand the kind of player he is. Absolute legend.

  5. Eagles fan here. Glad you guys are back in the big one. True commitment & dedication has paid off once again for New England. Unfortunately my birds were plagued since the beginning of the season. Hope we come back stronger like we did last season. Can’t stand LA or their fans so I actually hope Brady gets his 6th. Good luck guys!

  6. I feel about Brady the same way i feel about Jordan : what a blessing to have watched them play through their careers

  7. Its 14-0 and Brady on the bench yelling 0-0 tells you everything you need to know! The best competitor all time.

  8. One time they did it when he threw a Pick when the ball went through Jules hands CAN BLAME THOSE POS Queefs Fans for that

  9. Lets see..


    What we have here is the Four GOATmen of the Footpocolypse.

  10. Watching the game with my 13-year-old kid and said that I would have Julian Edelman’s babies. I was laughed at. LOL

  11. 100%. Huge part of this team is having Scar back. Trent Brown was an amazing pickup too. Cannon has really turned into a fantastic tackle on the other side as well. Same can be said for Mason at guard, and Andrews and Thuney are no slouches in their own right. Fantastic offensive line. Especially this postseason, just dominant.

  12. Yup! I’m the one party dude that wrote in the end… *”SIKE! The GOAT is still here! He’s not done!”*

  13. Funkguy Lorz this is very true. Having that mindset to always give 100% even though you lead by a lot is not easy.

  14. You all should watch the replays of the TD runs and other good runs again in slo-mo. The blocking schemes are fantastic. The guards or tackles pull or step upfield to take on the linebackers. Gronk handles a DE every down. The holes were huge. And take a close look at Devlin. He blasted so many holes –especially on the goal lines — by annihilating whoever was in his way. Edelman was also involves in tight blocking. It was virtuoso.

  15. The toughest place for the visitor to win, against the #1 seed; you have to give the Patriots credit. If this game had been at Gillette Stadium the Pats would have blown them out, like they did the Chargers.

  16. @Wauseka York: I’m not blaming you bro. lol. I was just saying. Yes I heard the announcer say it also. That was Zolak that said that? Well, we all know he isn’t the most bright. lol.

  17. @DJ JDB lol yeah… I agree. To me the way he said it was like every Patriots hater just realized that their worst nightmare came to be which is that the Patriots are back in the big dance. I kinda like having the Tony Montana persona lol

  18. @DownTopable So it’s to not give a false sense of security to the team when you have a lead. He’s reminding everyone to keep playing like it’s 0-0.

  19. YouThat ReadWrong Brandy didn‘t Play good in my opinion i mean its mahomes First year and he played such a good Season. He has my respect!

  20. Oliver Schätz that good. Lol he was clutch twice when it mattered. In the last two minutes and in overtime. How do you play better than that?

  21. @Wauseka York: Hey, hey, Tony Montana was a lovable dude! lol. I can hear Tom saying: “Say Hello To My Lil Friend” as he’s pointing at Jules. lol.

  22. @Bob Upndowns The Chiefs weren’t that bad — Hillary is more like the 0-16 Cleveland Browns/Detroit Lions

  23. YouThat ReadWrong more like Belicheck (or however it’s spelled) shut us up. Brady played a terrible game.

  24. Even long time haters have finally given up. I hate the Yankees with a passion, but I just couldn’t hate Derek Jeter. Brady has reached that level nationally. All hail the 🐐!

  25. Respect man. I think it’s a mistake to start Wentz next year, but I hope the Eagles have a good one

  26. Ya it would have …they would have said Brady and Bellichek handed the lazers out before the game 😂😂😂

  27. Imagine if that was the Patriot fans who did that?! It would be on the world news. FUCKING HYPOCRITES

  28. As a Pats fan born in Boston but currently living in KC, it was so satisfying to be the only non-Chiefs fan at my college.

  29. @Drunk Homer most of the Eagles fans I have read are so classy. Congrats. Your victory over the Pats last year was fair. And you were good winners all the way. About Wentz vs Foles, I like Foles more. When Parker failed that field goal, Foles was classy, he did not overrracted as we have observed many players do it. That tells a lot about a gentlemen. I wish the Eagles had kept him. Best regards from México, from a Phin fan, who had root for the Pats on that SB against Eagles.

  30. And the guy pointing the laser was 64, 64 fucking years old he is acting like that, i thought it was a 21, 22 year old at first, at least KC banned him from Arrowhead

  31. @Johnny Diaz he did he has faced the ravens and the Seahawks lol

  32. Like he said a laser pointed in his eye the whole game freaking piece of s##t fans the chiefs got that’s why he got criminal charges for that and got banned stupid mf don’t mess 😤😤 with Brady he shatters Dreams and makes em nightmares

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