Sights and Sounds: Week 4 vs Kansas City – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ive been waitin for this vid

Zeke McMeeken

So glad this was the first game I went to a lions game.

    Michael Perez

    Me too. That place was electric and beautiful. Best football experience of my life!


    This was a great game for you guys to go to in person for the first time this game had it all and an amazing show on the field and lots of drama. The only negative was the Lions not winning but still a great game to go to as the crowd came off loud as hell on TV so I couldn’t imagine how much louder it was in person.

Aegon One

I know moral victories are for losers but I’m so damn proud of this entire organization. I cant say it enough. We are in for a bright future with BQ and Matty P at the helm.

Aegon One

Christian Jones I love the passion!! That’s what it’s all about baby!

uG-Theoo -

Love watching them play the refs

Michael Shan

5:25 Anyone notice Taylor Decker’s celebration on the TD?

    Dustin Denham

    Thats passion right there. Damn I love this team.

Nameless Stranger

That was the most impressive loss Ive witnessed. I’m glad bye week is this week, they can rest up those injuries and tweak the offense and defense for the big monday night game against the packers.

    Nameless Monster

    You ain’t lying on that one, I was thoroughly impressed with our grit in this one.

    brittard watts

    Y’all remembere are qb been doing this with out a running game with banged up players bad o line Tate and ebron washed up players he only had throw to Tate to win every game .. that’s why Tate said he’s the best cause he was on that 8-0 come back team all stafford no big help worst d worst run game in the game… he is the John elway of are time

    Nameless Stranger

    brittard watts More like a Joe Namath without the acting career. But regardless he will go forgotten if he doesn’t get a ring and I really think either this year or next year is as good as an opportunity he will have. I was skeptical over how BQ and Matty P were doing after that first season, but I told myself that things can’t change that quickly and this year was the true test of how these two are turning this organization around and a quarter of the season in, I really like what I see. First divisional game in Lambeau Monday night should be a good test as to how well this team really is. Yes we beat philly at philly and yes philly beat gb in gb but a head to head match is the hest way to gage how well this team will do against the rest of the division which btw is the toughest division in the NFL. As long as we stay healthy and win games, I really don’t think any team is better than this Lions team


Those boys are hungry. Love the Lions.


I don’t care that we lost – this team is SPECIAL!


Probably one of the best lions games I’ve ever seen. Come back from the bye hungry fellas!

Michael McDermott

That game is gone now it’s time to focus on the Packers, let’s bring that same fierce spirit and work ethic and GB won’t know what hit em. Go Lions. Detroit verses everyone.


I believe an this team 100%💙🦁

JJ Montero

The view at 5:25 is perfection…What a great game. We did amazing but let’s now destroy the cheese heads and Sharon Rodgers. As always happy to be a 🦁. DetroitVSeveryone

Babble Lonius

Wheres all the fans who were doubting us in the very beginning of the season??????


They balled out both sides of the ball! Let’s keep it going fellas! Tough loss, but damn proud of ya’ll!

Dustin Denham

Damn this is tough to swallow. Being at the game you could just feel the energy and passion in there. I got high hopes for these boys though. Its been a long time since ive seen drive and teamwork like this on both sides of the ball. Wow. I cant wait for the Packers game.

Sipptroit Media

The rematch will be epic


That pass at the 5 minute mark is one if the best touchdown throws I have ever seen. Any QB, any team, any era, period. And I grew up a Dan Marino fan.

JT Rabbit

Matt Stafford in that circle though …. Talking them boys up… got me fired up… thats my QB baby lol


Is it just me or does Stafford seem to have some kinda fire in him this year….I love it

    Slightly Biased Kobe Bryant Fan

    connman1991 It feels like he’s actually enjoying playing this year compared to last year.

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