Sights and Sounds: Week 3 vs Philadelphia – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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NGG Reply

Maaaaaaaaan – I’ve never been in the states but I FEEL like I’m from Detroit 😂
Looooooooooove the spirit of this city and this team!!!

    dragonore2009 Reply

    He might be from Germany folks. My wife’s son (my stepson) lives in Germany and he watches the NFL all the time. I guess there is a small niche of young folks in Germany there who like the NFL. My stepson has his German friends he talks to all the time about the NFL, he and his friends where the jerseys, and the hats.

    pimpinhoezslanginO's Reply

    Just don’t come to the hood around here, you won’t make it out alive

    Quel M Reply

    There is a group of London Lions fans also.

    NGG Reply

    I’m from Berlin, Germany 😀

Matthew Reply

Giving me goosebumps here

Anh Vo Reply

I’m so excited and i hope we can get over KC next week to make the people out there give us some respect and credit. Well done and keep it up. Let’s go Lions 🦁 #onepride


    Anh Vo 🦁🦁🦁

    Gary Schaefer Reply

    I just hope that we win against KC I would be so damn proud. Idc how they win as long as they win

    Anh Vo Reply

    Gary Schaefer never know bro. They can beat the Patriots last yeah. It doesn’t mean they can’t beat KC next game. Daniel Griffiths absolutely and i hope the lions could put the team together and beat KC like they did to Patriots last year.

Saucin 1 Reply

All I want is a playoff win and I will consider this season a success. Super Bowl next year. Let’s not get greedy.

    WholeTruthBruce Reply

    Why not us though? I wanna see this team go all the way

    Mike Reply

    Playoff win and this state will lose it

Techin Gastes Reply

This is great! We get to see how passionate the team is , we need more of this , this team is getting me hyped gonna order me a 1934 lions cap. One Pride Bay Bay!

    Aegon One Reply

    We get a sights and sounds plus a locker room celebration for the last two weeks so hopefully we keep it going 🔥

Noah Arkeologist Reply

Love my Lions. For life.

Mortal Films Reply

I’m telling you we about to rag doll the Chiefs so hard it’s not even funny 🙏🏾🔥🔥

    MR X Reply

    Mortal Films maybe I lost hope after they tied with the cardinals

    Eli 3li Reply


    Chris Gundy Reply

    One Pride, boi!

    I Win Reply

    MR X you don’t ever lose hope in your football team lions all the way!!!

    Laurka SkyTiMber Reply

    If our offense can score more.

bruce davis Reply

To be a lions fan ..this was touching…almost in tears,Go-Lions

barcode0954 Reply

0:46 texas born but you can tell the gritty Detroit attitude has brubbed off!

Michael Perez Reply

Love the blue pants. I hope they use this uniform combo a few more times this year.

    Jake Plachta Reply

    It is their away uniform so they will use it about 6 more times this season.

    flintmarko1210 Reply

    Jake Plachta Not necessarily. They usually wear grey pants with the white. Week One for example

M K Reply

Love what Marvin said. Everyone needs to know who we are after this week? That’s right. Now do it against the chiefs.

    Ironslice Reply

    Marvin is quickly becoming one of my favorite players.

SpaceRanger413 Reply

I’m so hyped for Sunday. Let’s show everyone who the Detroit lions are 🦁

Gregory Megatron Reply

I haven’t shaved my beard since preseason so if we beat KC I’d like to start a trend that lions fans can’t shave til they lose.

    style545 Reply

    I’m down wit that! Let’s get it goin!

    Jake Plachta Reply

    That’s funny I’m doing the same thing! It started right after preseason week 4 and I told my wife it’s my playoff beard. I will shave it once the Lions are officially eliminated from the playoffs.

    tripp35789 boom Reply

    they giving away half off pizzas in detroit till they lose as well. wooo

Chromium Dragon Reply

You are now on the road to the playoffs.
If you look to the right you’ll see winning culture being established by coaches called Lions.
Look to the left and witness football-savvy, unselfish, hungry and resilient players, also called Lions.
Please keep your hands in the air, be very loud, and enjoy the ride.

pimpinhoezslanginO's Reply

If that doesn’t give you chills, you don’t bleed Honolulu Blue and Silver.

wowsers Reply

These boys look and sound like they mean business!!!! Love to see it!!!!

Benjamin P Reply

There’s a certain grit to this team…they know they’re slept on, and they thrive off of that. Truly a Detroit vs Everybody team 💪🏻

Chance Roberson Reply

Im from texas where there are 2 great teams, cowboys and texans so people think im crazy when i say that detroit is my team. Im a detroits fan and this is the reason why. Theres true passion for the game in yall when you play. Ive been saying all season that this is the year for detroit. Please prove me right. Lets go lions!!

    Nick Reynolds Reply

    I’m a Lions fan too living in TX

Sh He Reply

Hey lions community, all love all the way up here from Germany 🇩🇪 ❤️
Maaaan I can’t express how much I love this fucking team! It’s time to show the world, that we aren’t a joke anymore! Detroit vs everybody

    The Sheppard Reply

    Glad to have ya bro! #OnePride

    tripp35789 boom Reply

    respect from michigan to germany. Half my family from there. Lets gooo lions!!!

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