51 replies on “Sights and Sounds of Super Bowl LIII: On the sidelines of Patriots vs. Rams”

  1. SHOUT OUT TO STEPH GILLY!!!!! He could’ve easily been MVP.
    LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to SB LIII to all PATs and for the ///o o\ !!!!
    👍 Thank you very much!!
    Deep regards and best wishes!!! (The whole season has been incredible.)

  3. Yes that was critical…malcom was furious for letting that b.s luck play happen….noone was more hungry and determined to make a play then malcom..

  4. Too old, too slow, no skill-players, no defense…
    Who won the Super Bowl again, dear haters?…
    We’re still here!
    Congrats Pats!!

  5. Great stuff but I was hoping to hear players or coaches going crazy when Jason McCourty sprinted 20 yards to break up that sure TD to Cooks at the post.

  6. Wait a minute wait a minute. I love me some TB12., and as long as he’s playing the Patriot’s as well. However, the old real football Packers of my childhood were that deal too. Hell they were the team of teams with a real running game Jim Taylor and Paul Horning. A passing game with a field general in Bart Starr. And I do recall/believe the Trophy they play for is called what, I’ll wait.

  7. I’m a Steelers fan to the core, but you can’t argue with greatness. What we’ve seen from the Pats for all of these years is a once in a lifetime, maybe all time, dynasty. You have to acknowledge it and appreciate it.

  8. I remember when the Patriots beat the Seahawks, who was the first to congratulate Bill? Legarrette Blount. Another first timer. And people think that Patriots players hate their coach. Not true.

  9. As a Patriots fan, I appreciate those comments. We need to stop disrespecting our achievements and start appreciating our greatness. I respect your team and your dynasty, you respect ours. Let’s compete together for championship #7.

  10. I’ll never forget this season. In time Superbowl 53 will be appreciated as a master’s class in defense. #WeWant7

  11. Greatest franchise in history?? What a joke. Deflategate and Spygate. Patriots only team in NFL history to violate league rules in super bowl, and they did if twice!! They should receive the biggest asterisk in history! Should be ineligible for hall of fame just like the cheaters in baseball…Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGuire, et. al.

  12. @Mike Arcuri
    You might wanna ask John Madden why it is ok for any NFL team to do it, unless of course is the Patriots :

    Wells report, page 228, paragraph 13 :

    “In sum, the data did not provide a basis for us to determine with absolute certainty whether there was or was not tampering as the analysis of such data ultimately is dependent upon assumptions and information that is not certain.”

     Where in the conclusion does it say he cheated?


    But, they had to justify spending 5 fucking million dollars on a witch hunt to pacify whiny babies like you.

    Explain to everyone out here how come THE GOAT actually GOT EVEN BETTER statically, and winning more Super Bowls, while breaking and imposing new records, winning more MVPs in both, regular season and Super Bowls?

  13. DiabloSpiritus Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. God only knows what the Deflateriots got away with before getting caught. Crooks usually get away with a certain number of illegal activities before finally getting caught. The fact they got investigated is not some random coincidence.

  14. David Mann – No, it was not a blown coverage. Jason was exactly where he was supposed to be. They have it in the NFL film.

  15. @Spring Nguyen YES!, That was one of those classic half-time adjustments BB makes, turning that into “flex coverage”, designed to “suck” Goff into thinking the coverage was blown, like “Robber coverage” in reverse, pure genius by BB.
    You could see it sucked the life out of the Ram’s when JM made that play.

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