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  1. The little conversation between Tom and Bill about making sure who calls the time out is the difference between good coaching and bad, disorganize coaches like Tomlin and Reids in which they always screw up in those moment.

  2. new england may not be the most explosive offense but they are the most disciplined, and everybody just does their job.

  3. I love that you give us the Patriots Sports Radio Highlights with this.

    I’ll never forget hearing “Unicorns, show ponies, where’s the BEEEF?!?” live.

  4. As a Chiefs fan this was a great game, I can’t wait to see if we get to play you guys in the playoffs I love shootouts lmao

  5. I loved at 1:02 when Brady lobbed the ball and knew he threw it super early so he pointed up to let Edelman know where it was.

  6. As a football fan, I’m looking forward to facing Kansas again in playoffs. That may be the best AFC playoff game in ages.
    As a Brady’s fan, I’m confident that he’ll win that game no matter what and the Pats will play the SB.
    As a Patriots fan, I’m shitting myself already thinking in the possibility of facing Kansas again

  7. @Michael Murphy both. Kansas has a better one right now but the day Gordon finally gets it, watch out.

  8. I was there as well and people around me including myself did not think that when kansas city came roaring back and the way they were getting open i was nervous with about 5min left in the 4th

  9. You forgot the word “yet”. With the weapons Brady has now I’d say by week 8 or 9 they’ll be firing on all cylinders…

  10. See you guys understand why I an a Patriots fan , the Pat’s play all 56 minutes of football down to the last 2 minute warning, that is why I knew last years super bowl performance was self sabotage, bill knew what he was doing ,he was being a rebel.

  11. @BradyistheSystem 5rings7mvps3allpros2opoy500tds not when you force trade Bill’s favorite young quarterback, lets be real bill was in love with Jimmy, trading him was the last thing he wanted to do , bill really thought Tom’s Time was up , look at the facts it’s in your face, I been a patriot fan since 97 , I know bill , he gave that super bowl up

  12. @BradyistheSystem 5rings7mvps3allpros2opoy500tds exactly her cares about winning and its obvious that he wanted to win with jimmy , Jimmy got traded he didnt want that , it a clear as day ,sorry your such a longtime fan and couldn’t see that, bill loves to win because of PRIDE AND EGO which he fell on when Jimmy was traded ,like come on

  13. Never would have spotted that little detail. That is simply amazing. What a team! Looking forward to that 6th ring!

  14. Lioness Es – I hate to be that guy but while Gostkowski has been very good, he’s missed some really crucial XPs and field goals in the last few years. He missed an XP in the 2015 AFC championship game that forced the Pats to go for 2 at the end. If he hadn’t missed that XP, they could have tied with an XP and gone into overtime. He missed another XP in Super Bowl 51 and the pats had to go for 2-point conversions on both of their TDs after that. He missed a field goal and an XP in Super Bowl 52. If he hadn’t, New England would have needed just a field goal instead of a TD with 2:21 to go and would have played very differently. They would have focused on controlling the clock rather than make a big play. Yes, he’s been very reliable and consistent but unlike other teams, New England rarely expects him to make 50+ yard field goals.

  15. I Remember when NFL had Hall of Famers at QB on a regular basis not this freaking cry brady. Crying to get Jimmy G traded

  16. Noel Irizarry, you literally have no proof or solid evidence for what your’e saying. No, you don’t know Bill. You’re just spewing out stupid conspiracy theories you saw from a youtube video, and you took it as truth for the sheep you are.

  17. The KT TD with 5 seconds on the clock was my first game at the razor and after watching the highlights over and over again with Zo yelling gets me hyped until today…

  18. The fact that Edelman fixes his glove before making the TD grab fills me with so much joy. He’s a beast.
    Let’s keep it going boys, time rack up some W’s.
    Patriots PREVAIL.

  19. @Baconator1368 no I’m getting my information from the Patriots organization, that’s pretty much it

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