Sidney Jones “I’m Good to Go” for Week 6 | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sidney Jones “I’m Good to Go” for Week 6 | Eagles Press Pass

Philadelphia Eagles players Boston Scott, Sidney Jones, and Zach Brown spoke during the final media session ahead of Sunday's matchup with the Minnesota Vikings.

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Loyal Philly fan Reply

Scott is gonna be a return guy.

    David Okinsky Reply

    yeah, I am sure everyone is expecting him to take over Sprole’s role.

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Sidney Jones gotta turn into that lockdown corner we drafted him to be.

    nick taing Reply

    Boy can’t stay healthy

    TK the 7th Reply

    @nick taing Dude hamstrings are trash. He needs to fucking stretch 3x as much as he’s doing now.

    Mal Reply

    TK the 7th right toughen up

    MVP Simmons Reply

    Loyal Philly fan them Hammys are always gonna be a problem but I hope he can stay healthy talents obviously there

    bonzology Reply

    Jones is on the verge of being a total bust

Vignesh S Reply

I think that achilles injury in 2017 messed up Sidney Jones’ career. That’s why he dosen’t cover that well anymore whereas he did well in college.

    Hector Serra Reply

    Woah, you’re a genius. Who would’ve ever suspected that …lol

Mobbin2Mars Reply

Pulling for Sidney to get on track and become that CB we thought he had the potential to be!

Grant Dillwork Reply

Wish Jones the best become the best🙏🏾


I got injured watching this video 🤦‍♂️

Roadrunner Reply

Jones is a fraud he only gets hurts when he’s getting torched 🔥

    Isaiah H. Reply

    Roadrunner say it louder for the ppl in the back !! 💯

Ducky Reply

Idk what to make of sid jones…

Robert Lickfield Reply

So far in Sidney Jones career, he can’t cover he cannot tackle and cannot stay on the field because of injuries.

    Lyndon Toussaint Reply

    He is a great tackler and his covering skills are alright

    DeVonte Graham Reply

    Robert Lickfield ge can actually tackle his problem is staying healthy

    Costa Zambaras Reply

    Lyndon what exactly are you basing that on???? He’s literally the exact opposite than how you described him. He’s a liability whenever he’s on the field, both in coverage and in the run game. There’s a reason we all can’t wait for Jalen Mills to come back. And Mills doesn’t have half the raw physical talent that Sidney has. But I’d roll with Jalen all day long over Sidney. And it’s not even close. And don’t bring up the double moves. Bc Teams don’t even have to do a double move to torch Sidney. The way to smoke Sidney is literally ‘run straight’🤣 Sometimes idk what people are watching. He can’t fkn play. At all.

C Trusz Reply

He shoulda been our returner from day 1, sad to see Clement go but it is what it is lets get it

Mr. Cunningham Reply

Until he gets torched then he’ll be back in the tent smh

    rockdeals Reply

    Mr. Cunningham 😩😩😩

Ryan Reyes Reply

Nah just stay on the bench I trust Orlando schandrick more

    Isaiah H. Reply

    Ryan Reyes THANK YOU 💯

Ali Aashour Reply

He probably got injured making that statement


Jones needs a break through game, afterwards I think he’ll be fine.I can tell the kid is struggling internally, Keep rooting that’ll happen soon. By the way he still is very young.

    Joe Wright Reply

    JAHSEH EIDT yea he ain’t sound confident in this interview like you said one good game will be all it takes

HaloMediaRecords Reply

Zach brown: good and stop run


E-Dawg 87 Reply

Just by lookin at his face it say s BUST all over it

Mark Oglesby Reply

Another corner on the team just collecting a check

N A Reply

Sidney Jones is as fast as a handicapped turtle….bum bust

Myke Ford Reply

Jones has been a borderline bust so far
Add to that he’s always hurt

markus white Reply

Sid has ZERO confidence. You can hear it in his voice and see it in his face. This is not the same kid for college. He’s in over his head.

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